24/7 access to treatment

24/7 access to treatment for people on the move

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Completion Date: Tue 30 May 2017

ABOUT 24/7

We are raising £100,000 to enable us to gather evidence on the feasibility of a Public Private partnership between the government, pharmaceutical companies and the business sector in ensuring an accessible, reliable and quality drug supply for people with chronic illnesses (HIV, Diabetes, Asthma etc) on the move. We want to piggyback on the South African governmental plans of ensuring that each citizen has an electronic ID linked to their health record.  By swiping the card, the medicine vending machine should then dispense the treatment the person is on.

We hope to solve the problem of people disengaging from treatment while on the move. We want to enable people to replenish their medicine supplies wherever they may be.

Evidence generated will be used to engage with other governments, pharmaceutical companies and business people in Sub- Saharan Africa to follow suit.


We are a team of passionate researchers who believe that the responsibility of the researcher does not end with publishing of  scientific results, but where possible should contribute to policy and ultimately improve practice.

My story

I come from a Nursing background. I joined nursing because of a desire to relieve pain and suffering. I went on to do a Masters degree in Public Health because Public Health allows me not only to assist the individual in-front of me but also allows me to contribute to the promotion and protection of health of communities and populations through research.

My Master thesis "The challenges experienced by non-governmental organisations with regard to the roll-out of antiretroviral therapy in KwaZulu-Natal" gave me the initial glimpse into the challenges in antiretroviral therapy as well as the impetus to find solutions to address these challenges.

Our manuscript under review, "Who is a loss to follow up in ART in rural KwaZulu-Natal and why" (currently under review at Maternal and Child Health Journal MACI), demonstrated that migration is one of the factors leading to disengagement from treatment. In our quest to addressing this challenge,  24/7 access using conveniently placed medicine vending machines was conceived.

Where will the money go?

Convenient access of medication 24/7 using an electronic ID card

In Sub-Saharan Africa people are migrating for different reasons, from economic factors to fleeing war. Inside South Africa people are also migrating for different reasons, including for work.

3 million people in South Africa are on HIV/AIDS treatment. With this innovation we have a chance to accord those migrating a chance to continue taking their treatment


  • South African Government
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Business sector
  • World bodies, UNAIDS, World Health Organisation

Minimum target

If we raise the minimum target we will be able to initiate a round table discussion with all key stakeholders and get buy in, input and refine the plan for a pilot study

If we reach Maximum target

We will be able to test the feasibility of medicine vending/dispensing machines in The South African context and assess effectiveness in keeping mobile populations on treatment.

If we Exceed Maximum target

We will be able to carry out a Multi-country pilot study in 3 countries in Southern Africa bearing in mind the different contexts


  • Travel
  • Round table discussions with all key stake holders
  • Medicine vending machine technological development and adaptation
  • Pilot study planning, implementation and evaluation


  • All who donate will get a personal thank you note and donors will also be able to visit the pilot site to see results (by appointment)

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Watch this space; a news item will be posted soon on: http://www.ispm.unibe.ch/

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