24FD Goes To Malaysia!

We are 24 Festival Drums, a Malaysian drumming group based at the University of Liverpool.

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Completion Date: Mon 30 Jun 2014

24 Festival Drums in Malaysia!

Who are we?

24 Festival Drums is a drumming society at the University of Liverpool. This is a Malaysian style of drumming that was started off in Malaysia in the 80's. Think drumming combined with martial arts-based dance moves!

Our society was founded on 14th March 2011 by Malaysian former student Engthurs Ang. Since then we've become a popular feature at culture gigs throughout the UK, as well as performing regularly within Liverpool itself. Our bigger gigs include:

  • March 2012 - Olympic Torch Relay performance outside the Metropolitan Cathedral in Liverpool

  • September 2012 - founder Engthurs Ang invited two members of the society to Malaysia to get a flavour of the drums in their home country.

  • April 2013 - four talented members of our team were invited to perform in Wang Leehom's Open Fire Concert in the O2 Arena in London

  • June 2013 - performance for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic at Liverpool Pier Head.

  • February 2014 - Chinese New Year Gala at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool.

Our current President, Dan Wrigglesworth, has led the team in a new direction: working on an ambitious new routine, teaching new members and instilling them with the enthusiasm of our society, and much more.

We are unique - we're the only team in Europe!

What is our project?

This August there is a national 24 Festival Drums competition taking place in Johor Bahru, in the south of Malaysia. Our goal is to send six of our members to take part in this competition!

This trip to Johor Bahru would be an amazing opportunity for us - a chance to witness the authentic, disciplined art of Malaysian 24 Festival Drumming and experience Malaysian culture. We could also use this project to promote Liverpool as a city of culture (Liverpool was Capital of Culture in 2008, and with good reason!), and build international relationships between our team and the other teams at the competition in Malaysia!

Why do we need your help?

Such an ambitious project will not be cheap to fund, and we cannot hope to do it alone. We've already begun fundraising; we've been sending a few of us at a time to go busking in the streets of Liverpool, and hope to pack bags in the local supermarkets. However, this won't cover the entire cost - we still need an extra boost!

This is why we're setting this project up on Hubbub. To make our trip happen we need the financial backing.

Most of the funds raised will go towards the flights there and back. £700 will cover the travel expenses for 1 team member. If we were to raise the full £3000, that would cover flights for 4 people and leave some spare for expenses whilst we're there!

Do you want to help?

If you would like to donate towards our project, please click the "I want to help" button. We would be most grateful for any help recieved!

Want to know more about 24FD?

Find out more about us on:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/24FestivalDrums

Twitter - @24FestivalDrums

Youtube - UoL24FD

Thank you for your time!

Mikaela Wilkes, Head of Fundraising for Liverpool 24 Festival Drums.