3 Year EUAFC Project

Support football at Exeter and provide new opportunities for all players to compete and develop

3 Year EUAFC Project
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The 3 year £20k project

Exeter University Football Club (EUAFC) was established in 1968 to allow its students to play football at the highest possible level. A club steeped in history and tradition, EUAFC is calling on its current and former clubmen to sponsor its success.

We, the football alumni network, are raising money to support the development of EUAFC. A cause very close to our hearts, the club was the backbone to University days for many of us and it is our ambition to raise £20,000 over the next three years to address areas of need and help to develop football at Exeter.

We need to raise £5,000 in the first year for much needed coaching for Phase One of the project.


With over 350 members and 11 teams, EUAFC is providing the opportunity for people of all abilities to compete at University level. Already performing beyond expected considering its funding, the club represents immense potential. However as a student funded club, no additional funds are available to help development and keep pace with other University programmes. EUAFC competes against teams who benefit from 5/6 coaches, without coaching in place themselves. This is one of the areas in need of support and will be our first priority for funding football at Exeter.

football alumni network

The football alumni network has gradually developed over the last few months and enjoyed its first reunion at the beginning of March 2020. Since then, the network has grown to over 100 members and is on course to double come next year's reunion in March 2021. The aim of the network is to reunite football alumni across all graduating eras, share memories and photos from the 1950s right through to the 2000s and, most importantly, help the development of football at Exeter.

Where will the money go?

£5000 raised from Phase One of the project will go towards coaching. Currently without a coach, this is the first area we will address, to help EUAFC continue to compete and give them a better chance to work their way through the league.

If we reach our Phase One target, we will continue raising money and move onto Phase Two and, lastly, Phase Three of the project. As well as continuing to support EUAFC coaching, money raised from these phases will be allocated towards other areas of need that the club has identified as priority, as shown below, over the next 3 years.

  • One year's coaching for EUAFC, £5,000
  • Bursaries for future students of EUAFC
  • Sport Access Fund for future students of EUAFC
  • Pitch drainage to improve Topsham Ground facilities, £108,000

    In addition to coaching support, we would like to help raise money to give students the opportunity to benefit from a bursary to continue studying and playing football at Exeter. If funds allow, we will also contribute to a sport access fund for those who can't participate due to financial concerns and, finally, further contributions will be made by this fund, as part of the club's aspiration, to help improve home facilities at Topsham Ground.

    If we successfully raise over £20,000 target, we will be able to make an even larger contribution towards EUAFC's funding in order for them to compete at a higher level by making all these opportunities available to current and future club players of all abilities.

    Find us here

    EUAFC FACEBOOK - Keep up to date with EUAFC and other alumni on Facebook.    

    FOOTBALL ALUMNI NETWORK - Join the football alumni network and receive more information about next year's reunion by contacting the University at sportsalumni@exeter.ac.uk and registering your interest. You can also add your own stories and photos to the website via this email address.

    Stay up-to-date with the current club and football alumni news, please update your contact details and highlight your involvement with football during your time at Exeter here.

    Help us succeed!

    If you are an EUAFC ranger, past or present, please help us reach our target and spread the word amongst the football alumni community!

    All donations, no matter the size, add up to make a big difference and will help to reach our goal in developing football at Exeter and shaping the University experience for many students to come as it did ours.

    If you're not able to support financially, why not share our project page on social media - exposure is key to succeeding and we appreciate all the help we can get. 

    Thank you!