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MFA Thesis projects on the ethics of art, what art means, and who decides what it means.

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This project received pledges on Fri 05 Jul 2019

The Play: 

  After a controversial court case in the US Cole was inspired to write a piece about who owns art, what art means, and who decides what it means. This went through many incarnations before settling on the play it is today. Last summer when we originally workshoped it I decided this was the perfect play for my graduating thesis. 

This ambitious project, a year in the making, raises a myriad of issues very close to myself and many other artists. With the play it is my intent to point a finger at the way we as a society excuse much as long as its "in the pursuit of art" as well as investigate the relationships such artists have with those around them and even themselves. 

Meet the Team: 

    I am so pleased to have Vincent and Sean returning to reprise their roles and  Alexis stepping in to perform Lillian. All three of these fantastic actors will have graduated from the MFA acting course at East 15 before bringing their talents to this production. Besides being a company formed of all East 15 graduates we are proud to have such an eclectic group in this production with our team consisting of people from all over the US, France, Australia, and the UK. 

Klay Brackney Wandelear- Director

Niamh Graham- Stage Manager

Alexis Craig-Hart- Lillian

Sean M. Dale- Percy

Vincent Rosec: Walker


Where will the money go?

   It is our mission with this campaign to ensure that the people behind the production are paid. That is why we have decided on our minimum goal to ensure that our actors and the stage manger can be paid, unfortunately this will not cover our set and costume design or other costs. The rest of the crew also won't be paid except for an even share of the ticket sales.

    It can be expensive to produce theatre so if we hit our full target, this is how we have thoughtfully budgeted to use the money, ensuring all cast and crew members are paid fairly and the production is as good as it can be: 

  • £250 Stage Manager Fee
  • £450 Actors - Rehearsals and 3 performances (£150 x 3 Actors)
  • £150 Directors fee
  • £50 Rehearsal Space
  • £150 Designer fee
  • £50 Technical Manager
  • £300 Set budget
  • £50 Posters/Flyers/Programs
  • £50 Facebook Advertising  

Help us succeed!

As this is a grassroots, person focused campaign, weather you can donate or not please consider sharing this page, our collective reach is greater than any one person's. When Sharing feel free to tag our company page CarCrashProductions or any of our personal pages and let us know what you think about he producton. Thank you!

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