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'Action Man' Goes to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

'Action Man' needs your help to get to Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018!

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This project received pledges on Thu 19 Jul 2018

'Action Man' Goes to EDINBURGH!!

After our fantastically successful first run in December 2017, we are thrilled to announce that we are taking 'Action Man' up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe!

“An emotional whirlwind…engages the audience from start to finish”- *****, The Mancunion

Action Man tells the story of a homeless veteran with PTSD as he fights for stability in the playroom of his ex-girlfriend’s son

Corporal Liam Drury retires from an eight year-long career in the British Army, to be confronted with sudden and debilitating flashbacks to his time in combat. With his marriage disintegrating, he is now being shunted from sofa to sofa. Without a stable home, he is forced to fight against his illness in the playroom of his ex-girlfriend’s son. Through physical theatre we explore what has lead Liam’s once regimented life to spiral into utter collapse.

“I’m a constant hazard, a ball of shrapnel… I've turned into a tantrum filled, uncontrollable toddler that can’t function without a teddy.”

Tackling issues of homelessness and the mental health cuts, Action Man is both unashamedly political and heart wrenching. Audiences will be left not knowing whether to laugh or cry at this high energy piece.

Our Show

We cannot wait to reach a wider audience with this original show, and to have the amazing experience of performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The message of 'Action Man' is one we are extremely passionate about. We are all incredibly excited, and working so hard to make it happen.

However, shows cost money! The venue, publicity and production costs all add up. We would be eternally grateful if you could donate to help us reach our fundraising goal, and achieve this amazing feat. Be it £1, £2, £5, it all helps us on our way to Edinburgh to make our dream come true! Even sharing this page, or talking to a friend about it, could make the world of difference. Your support means the absolute world to us.

Thank you so, so much.


All of us at Plaster Cast Theatre


Plaster Cast Theatre

We are a theatre group of talented and passionate young creatives formed of members from The University of Manchester Drama Society. Our aim is to use innovative and exciting forms of physical theatre to tackle contemporary issues in our society.

Going to Edinburgh to perform would be the most incredible experience for all of us. Not only for the amazing opportunity to practice what we love, but to continue working on this show that together has given us so much joy ever since we started creating it. To be able to achieve this would be the most amazing accomplishment, and something we would remember forever.

Moreover, the actual learning experience the Edinburgh Festival would give us would be invaluable. To be able to understand completely all the facets of producing your own show, along with fundraising, publicity and rehearsing, is the best training we could ever hope for in order to succeed in our future careers in the theatre industry.  The festival would allow us to reach a wider audience who could give us not only professional feedback upon our work but also potential recognition, and one successful review could do amazing things to launch our futures.

As well as this, the festival itself is this amazing platform for all types of creatives and performers to display their ideas.  To be able to be around that much international theatre in such a high level of concentration for an entire week would mean that we would gain so much knowledge and inspiration. For young dramatists like us, this is a brilliant chance to further our education.

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