Got a place in an amazing advertising school...don't break my heart please!

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Completion Date: Sat 05 Sep 2015

A short summary of your projects

I'm raising money to support my studies. I won a place in a very successful advertising school in London and I'm not going to give up on this!

Who are you?

i am an Italian girl who has lived here in London for too short to get a loan from a bank! I have no credit history so I can't get any money from banks! do you think this could be a good reason to give up on my dreams? I don't think so...I'm brave enough to find the right way to finance myself, but a little help is always a good thing! 

Your story

I got this amazing chance...there were two places available left and I got one! This is my life's dream, I just can't wait to have the chance to spend 40/50 hours per week working on advertising and creativity with my colleagues and mentors. my parents in Italy can't afford a bank loan...italy is not the best place to ask for a bank borrowing 

Where will the money go?

I will spend 12000 pounds to cover my school fees


- You'll be the first to receive some of my gadgets! I design t-shirts and I made illustrations that are perfect for amazing posters! Check them out on my Instagram profile @scruffydesign

1 year, 11 months ago

One £ only would be enough if I can find 13000 sponsors!

1 year, 11 months ago

Hi there I will create a collection of illustrations about students life in London to support my campaign! Stay tuned! 

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