BEng Aerospace System Engineering

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BEng Aerospace System Engineering
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Completion Date: Fri 19 Oct 2018

There are not much scope of jobs in India in Aerospace Industry and even education system also needs a big change and that's why decided to come to UK to peruse my dreams. Being an International student, I had no access to loans within the UK and neither in India without mortgage. My dad runs a small business in the village I grew up in and he had being paying the first two years of my tuition fee from his life savings (Approximately 26 Grands).  I had been dedicatedly working part time jobs during first two year to reduce the burden of my living expenses. After two years I started my placement year in Panasonic in India which was not stipend. For the tuition fee of the final year we are falling short significantly evens after many hand outs. Being an International student it is hard enough to find a graduate placement and battling through financial crises and watching my dad take on my education's burden, I still managed to score 2:1 (Upper Level) in my first three years of education and I am pretty certain that I shall keep on giving my best. I would very much appreciate if you could pitch in, however small the amount is. This country has provided me with the best three years of my life. I have learnt so much here, educationally and even as a person I have grown a lot.

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