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Aggregative Nepal _ a foreign affair
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aggregative Nepal… the project

On 25 April 2015 Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7,8Mw at a depth of 15km, and on the 12th of May 2015 another earthquake struck at a magnitude of 7,3Mw and at a depth of 18km. Severely affected areas include the capital Kathmandu, the Kathmandu Valley, Langtang, Helambu Rolwaling and Manaslu, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha and parts of the Everest Region. Needless to say numerous structures including monuments and temples have collapsed as a result of the earthquake. Many rural villages have been levelled to the ground due to landslides and avalanches as an after effect of the earthquakes. 

(Lonely Planet, 2015)

Image 1 (Source: Image by maps of world)

On the 15th of June 2015, the government of Nepal announced the reopening of 3 of it's World Heritage sites in an attempt to re-establish the influx of tourism and the revenue from tourism activity. Nepal is highly dependant on its' cultural heritage attractions and have exerted themselves in getting the tourism industry back on track after the earthquakes in April and May. According to the UN the World Heritage sites are not yet safe to visit and have raised their concerns with the government of Nepal. As it stands, 700 more monuments in the Kathmandu valley and surroundings have been damaged during the earthquakes with the reconstruction estimated to exceed tens of millions of dollars. 

(The New York Times, 2015) 

a.foreign.affair _ Aggregative Nepal is going where the story is, to gather information and to get first hand experience on the reconstruction efforts of the World Heritage Sites and the economic impact of theses cultural heritage sites. In addition to the research project I will also volunteer in the local villages, applying my skills in architecture and knowledge of the creative industry to help locals and to get them involved in a creative workshop. The research project will be presented as my final thesis for the Masters Degree in Innovation and Organisation of Culture and the Arts at the University of Bologna, Italy. Concurrent with the research project, a portfolio of photographs depicting the recovery efforts and day to day life in Nepal will be compiled with the prospect of an exhibition as an added element of the final thesis presentation. To portray a personal story of the quake aftermath, the people, the animals, nature, built structures and the general ontology in Nepal.

This project is supported by Leica Store Bologna, Italy 

at this point in time i am…

A student… by all accounts some would say a professional student. I studied Architecture in my home country of South Africa and obtained my Bachelors Degree and continued to start my Masters in Architecture. I suspended my studies in Architecture when I received a scholarship to complete a Masters in Management of Culture and Art in Bologna Italy. Besides my education I have an immense interest in different cultures, the people and their tangible heritage. I love to explore, inspire other to be creative and take inspiration in they way they live their daily lives. 

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why this Nepal affair…

To complete my Masters at the University of Bologna I am obliged to complete a research work or internship. I had an internship all lined up in New York at Storefront for Art and Architecture, but when the earthquakes struck Nepal, I decided my skills will be better applied in Nepal and so I informed New York of my decision. To be able to emerge oneself in a disaster affected area, apply your skills and contribute to the rebuilding of a community has no equivalent. The Masters I'm following is about culture, art and heritage but also Innovation and Aggregate Nepal _ a foreign affair will endeavour to be a shining example of Innovation. How creatives and cultural enthusiasts can make a difference. 

Despite the fact that this project will help me complete my Masters Degree… hopefully ;) this is important on a whole spectrum of different levels. With your contribution and support I will be able to create awareness on how important Cultural Heritage is for us as a global community and show the international community that taking a risk can go a long way. How thinking creatively can change the way people think about their current predicament and empower them to make small but significant changes in their communities. Every sponsor of this research and volunteer project will be helping to rebuild Nepal, to create awareness of the importance of World Heritage sites as well as make a positive contribution in the daily lives of the local people in Nepal. 

talk is cheap…

But money buys the research here. With your help to reach the minimum target (1200), I wouldn't be able to contain my gratitude, really and the money will be utilised for field research purposes and travel to different sites for the three month duration spent in Nepal. At the amazing event where the maximum is reached (€3000), the funds will be used for basic living expenses and also to do creative workshops with the local community. 

What happens if you really like and support the project and all expectations are exceeded and I receive more than my target? Well, I will pay it forward. To local organisations and relief groups helping to reconstruct the hard to reach villages, all the sponsors will be credited in the paying forward of these additional funds to the chosen organisation.  

Updates on the project research and volunteer activities will be made on a two weekly basis for the duration of the project on the blog, with weekly activity on Instagram and Facebook 


Being a creative and always looking for new inspiration, you will be sure to receive some great rewards from the creative workshops in Nepal. Check out the rewards list :)

be in the know right here…

Keep an eye on the blog for monthly updates on the project and volunteer work, of course Instagram and Facebook will be more like a daily or weekly affair with images and videos courtesy of the sponsored Leica X Vario from Leica Bologna 

small acts… huge results

I know some may not be in a position to help financially, but hey maybe you know someone who can, so please spread the word, share the magic by all means possible… every social network you know of ;) need I spell them out, and don't forget to phone, email, fax, use a postal dove you name it. Please :D 
The more people know… the more people will be able to help me complete this project with amaZING results!!! 
Every sponsored cent will be greatly appreciated and will justify the name Aggregative Nepal _ a foreign affair :)