iPads for Alderwood

Empowering a generation of children through the use of iPads

iPads for Alderwood
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Completion Date: Sun 14 Jan 2018

Key Stats

Number of students that will benefit: 319

Age of students: 7-11

School % eligible for Free School Meals: 10.6%

School % on SEN register: 28%

School % of EAL: 20% (spanning 36 languages)

our project

Alderwood School, located in Aldershot, is less than a year old and is the result of the merger of Belle Vue Infant School, Newport Junior School and Connaught Senior School earlier this year making the total intake 1228 children on role.

We are proud of our creative curriculum where children learn to question and discuss their learning with their teachers. A wide variety of visits and visitors to the school stimulates learning and provides a first-hand experience, allowing the children to interact with topics in new and exciting ways and consequently fostering a love for learning. Teachers employ different styles of activities to accommodate the many learning styles children have.

The atmosphere throughout the school is one of engagement and cooperation. The standard of behaviour is high and there are many ways the children learn strategies to develop their social skills.

What we want

We are looking to buy some iPad mini 4s with hard cases. The iPads are for the Junior site to help disadvantaged children and second language speakers.

Why we want iPads

We have a large percentage of children on Free School Meals as well as second language speakers and those children classed as disadvantaged. Against this background we would like to purchase a set of class iPads. This would allow us to break free from the confines of the classroom so that we can re-design lessons that are more engaging.

The apps we want to use will help our children with a number of skills. We particularly want to improve their speaking and listening skills and access the curriculum more freely.

Allowing children to make their own video’s explaining their Mathematical understanding, using capture and share software such as Explain Everything will highlight individual children’s misconceptions, allowing teachers to intervene at the point of need.

Teaching our children to be safe on –line and to be good digital citizens has proven to be essential, as more children appear to be unaware of how to read the URL’s for authenticity; purchasing online gaming apps and trying to access inappropriate material, as well as talking to complete strangers online.  Having more portable technology will allows us to be more dynamic as we can use them in environments other than the school classroom.

equipment we need

3x iPad Mini 4 @ £392.40 each = £1,017

3x iPad Mini Protective Cases @ £9.99 each = £29.97


Subtotal = £1,207.17

Credit card fees @ 2%: £24.14.

Grand total: £1231.31

If we can raise more, we would love to buy more of the same, even up to 15 iPads at a total of £6,157!

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