A Masters in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art

Help Aphra Fund her second year at the Royal College of Art!

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Thank you for looking at my page!

A short summary of My project

I'm half-way through my master's degree at the Royal College of Art, but with out some extra support I'm just not going to make it! I'm using my skills to honour patrons with ceramic pieces as a way of raising £5000 towards my tuition fees.The first year at the RCA has been life changing; completing my studies is a necessary step towards reaching my goal of creating my own studio to further my practice, teach others and help reinvigorate interest in ceramic art.

So who am I?

Hi! I'm Aphra O’Connor, a 26 year-old ceramic artist and student from the Yorkshire seaside.I like clay, cats, northern industrial heritage, interesting objects, beautiful patterns and funny hats.

Here is real life Charlie cat with Ceramic Charlie cat

Your story

Thanks to an artistic family I've pursued art for as long as I can remember. After working in sculpture for my bachelor's degree in London I decided to specialise in ceramics. I moved back to Yorkshire, where I worked in various restaurants by night, and covered myself in clay by day, learning how to create ceramics with the help of a local artist, John Egerton (you should definitely check him out!).After working as hard as could to get to grips with new skills and developing a way to mesh my sculptural practice with ceramics, I put in a (speculative!) application to the Royal College of Art to study on the Ceramics and Glass Pathway. Thankfully I was accepted; and even more than I imagined, the first year has been an incredible experience - full of learning, friendship, blood, sweat, broken pots and tears. Living in London and paying £9500 per year (for two years) is... not easy. Of course, I've made use of all available financial assistance in terms of loans etc, and I work in catering evenings and weekends on top of my full-time studies.Unfortunately, grants are hugely competitive and there just isn't enough going round for all the students who need it, including myself, which means I'm falling short financially... That's why I'm asking for help. If you can, please donate to help me complete my studies.  There are a number of ways you'll be rewarded (keep reading!).

Where will the money go?

All finances raised will go towards funding my tuition fees for the next academic year. If I manage to reach my target I will be able to create a payment plan with the College so I can stagger payments and stay in control of the expenses.


One of the beautiful things about ceramics is the history it has as a method for creating useful objects. I often incorporate function into my work, and I have developed a new mould-made series of sake cups and bowls using found objects. I'm excited to offer these as rewards, as well as the opportunity to visit me at the Royal College of Art, and to take part in a VIP tour of the degree show in June 2019 (led by yours truly) where this very kind person (or persons!) will receive their choice of a final piece from my work on display at the show!If you got this far, thank you so much for reading. I'm massively thankful to anyone who even takes the time to read and/or share this campaign. I'd love to keep anyone interested updated over the summer with the new pieces I'm working on THROUGH THE BLOG ON MY WEBSITE WWW.APHRAOCONNOR.CO.UK


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Donate £5 to receive a shoutout via all my social media, and a thank you in my degree show text

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Estimated delivery: 1 September 2018

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Donate £10 to receive all the above and a personalised printed card with all my thanks

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Donate £20 to receive all the above and one of my Earthernware Sake 'Brushstroke' cups! Each cup is handmade and is unique with an individual brushstroke pattern and colour

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Donate £50 to receive all the above, and a 'Brushstroke' series handmade bowl! Like the sake cup it is unique and each has an individual brush stroke pattern

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Donate £100 to receive all the above and 2 handmade and unique 'Brushstroke' series bowls and 2 Sake cups, start your collection here!

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Donate £250 for 4 unique sake cups and 4 bowls from the 'Brushstroke' series, and all the goodies listed above

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Pledge £500 or more

As well as everything listed above, if you donate £500 I will take you on a tour of my studios at the Royal College of Art Battersea Campus in London, and show you around all of the facilities and the exciting work going on there!

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Estimated delivery: 1 November 2018

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So this is the big one - as well as everything listed as a reward, if you donate £1000 to my campaign then you will have a choice of one of my final pieces from the Degree show in June 2019, and a VIP invite to the opening of the show.

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Estimated delivery: 1 November 2018