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Integrating different cultures around the world through innovative fashion.

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My Project         

Kevani is a new, up-and-coming fashion brand that intends to integrate different cultures around the world through fashion. Every season Kevani will focus on a number of cultures using their unique print patterns which rarely get recognised or appreciated in mainstream fashion.

Over the years many people have struggled between choosing their own culture's fashion or being part of the western culture. In mainstream fashion there’s not enough recognition of the different cultures that exist around the world. Kevani intends to change this and bring balance by designing clothes that are fun, funky, fashionable, and have a hint of culture. This will also give our customers the ability to learn about different cultures through their prints.


Sample Illustrations

Our illustrations have been copywritten.


Why The Money?

The money needed for this project is for materials for our first sample collection, which can be costly. All funds will go towards purchasing materials and having the first sample collection made.


Why Kevani?

Kevani is more than just a fashion brand: the A in Kevani stands for aspire, because we want the younger generation to aspire to achieve their dreams just like I am aspiring to achieve my dreams of a successful fashion brand. Kevani can’t save the world, but with support can help make a difference.

If you donate you really would be helping a young student start an amazing career as you'd be providing the crucial building blocks to start of an excellent foundation.

Thank you


Long Term Goals 

Youth unemployment

Give young people the opportunity to get hands on experience in all aspects of the business, including full time/part time paid work to help tackle youth unemployment.


Looked-After Children

Supporting charities that help support Looked-After Children in care through setting up free fashion workshops and work experience, and inspiring such young people to aim high, regardless of their background.


War Children Overseas (Charity Work)

As the business grows & expands we 100% intend on supporting children overseas who have been affected by any war. How we intend to do this is, every new season we release a collection any materials left over will be used to make clothes for these children, and then work in partnership with other charities to ensure that this children receive their gifts from Kevani.


Why Theses Long term Goals?

Each long term goal set means allot to me personally. I know what it feels like to be a young person seeking work and not been given the opportunity. I grew up in Care since the age of seven and the people who got me through my care experience were charities that helped inspire me and open so many doors. I come from Congo, a war country, and since visiting there has been no change, so I intend to make as much change as one can.


Share The Word!

Thank you for taking the time out to find out more about kevani, please do spread the word to family and friends. Thank you for your time and please do follow us on and please look out for our website coming soon at

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