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The Project! 

     This project has been around since September 2017 but with the £4,650 I hope to raise, this channel can really hit new heights by creating more content over many more cups of tea and invite more people into the marvelous world of opera!  

Who is Avi Green the Content Creator?

     My name is Avi and alongside training to be a professional opera singer, I like to share my nerdiness for opera and experiences with the art form, and try to be a positive presence in opera and the world wide web in general. 

story time

     Growing up in Israel it always felt as though opera wasn’t accessible, as if you had to be in the UK, Europe or North America to be invited into the party. Yes, there was an opera house but it just wasn’t enough, I wanted more. I wanted to be in a place that lives and breaths opera and classical music. I wanted to be able to connect with more opera lovers (my age and other) across the world! 

    Then YouTube came along, and the world began to grow smaller in all the good ways. I could watch opera and learn more about the people who were creating it in the big houses, it was fantastic. Yet, there was still no one like me, no teenager or 20 year-old who would be discussing it. Make-up tutorials and book reviews a plenty, but no one in love with opera like me. 

    So after many years of thinking about it, in September 2017, I decided to create the content I wished I was consuming. I began making opera synopses, introductions to opera, talking about my love for opera and documenting some things along the way. The channel has not only helped me become closer to opera but is exactly what I would have wanted growing up. It is generating a community of young opera consumers and creators, as well as bringing the world of opera to the world of YouTube and social media in a digestible form, ensuring that opera has a place in the 21st century. 

    By supporting this project you will be helping make sure that I can keep creating the content that makes this channel so unique and invaluable. You'll give more people all over the world and in any circumstance the ability to learn about opera and how they can relate to it as well. Your financial support will be the stepping stone for this channel to become a huge success.   

What will your money go towards?

    If I hit my minimum target I will be able to buy a good camera and lighting equipment, which right away will mean that I won't be dependent on the sun for whenever I need to film.  

If I hit my full target the money will be divided among the following things  

  • Tech: Lighting equipment, Editing and mixing software, More professional video and photography equipment, Selected use of professionals to outsource complex tasks.
  • Networking: Attending paid events, Operas, Festivals, YouTube and social Media events 
  • Marketing: Promote Avi Green youtube in order to obtain press passes to opera events, Paid advertisements on all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), Improve website visuals and Search optimisation including paid keyword targeting. 
  • Collaboration with London and European based artist in and around the opera world to deepen and broaden the audience reach. 
  • Promote the Avi Green YouTube channel to existing opera audiences. Cultivate new audiences to the world of opera. Tie-in with social cultural topics and events. Connect with non opera related influencers and draw connections to the opera world.


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