BUKS Winch Build

Help us defeat all these no-wind days

BUKS Winch Build
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Completion Date: Sat 26 Jan 2013

Who are we?BUKS Committee

We are Bristol University Kitesurfing Society; currently one of the largest uni Kitesurfing societies in the UK and Bristol Uni's 'Best Small Society 2011-12'. We have around 100 members and hold trips to the beach every 2 weeks with teaching for people of any level.

If you would like to know more about us, you can find us on our facebook page here

or our Website here.


The problem...

Unfortunately our main problem is the UK... the weather here has meant that we have not had decent wind on a single trip this year. In total we have had about 5 people kitesurfing on a trip this year.


How do we change this?

There are many options and in our desperation we have even looked into sourcing a 'Wind Generator' or using our degree knowlege to change the weather... Unfortunately neither of these are going to happen, so we have decided to build a ...

Wakeboarding Winch



This is basically an engine that can pull a person along on a wakeboard on water, allowing kitesurfing without any wind! Here is a similar one to the one we will build: Winch Build

Most of our committee are studying engineering degrees at Bristol, so the designing and building of the winch is not be a problem. But as a society we do not have the money to build this.


This is why we need you!

We are currently looking for around £450 to build our winch, and we already have some money in the bank from our socials. But this is not enough...

We have already desiged the winch, so all we need to do it buy the parts... If you would like to contibute we feel we have alot to offer so please check out our rewards.


What else can you do?

Even if you can't sponsor us, thank you for your time... It would also be really helpful if you could share this page with others or recommend it to anyone you know who might be interested in sponsoring our project.

If you think you could supply us with any of the parts, either new or second hand, that would also be greatly appreciated. For details of all the sorts of parts we need please look HERE. And of course any help would also be rewarded!


Thank you all for your time.