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This project received pledges on Sat 21 May 2016

A short summary of The Project :

My love for fitness, nutrition and quest for healthy vegetarian food is a drive behind opening a vegan vegetarian food joint in Southampton – ‘BeingVeg’ the veg vegan café. Southampton is a great city and with growing consciousness for health, environment and animals, more people are exploring vegan and vegetarian eating. I am offering super healthy food options to the green palates. Considering the accustomed food habits of the local people in general and weather specific nutritional quotient of the food products, the café will utilize local supplies for creating not only vegan options, but organic and gluten-free options as well. 


Who we Are? 

As per the contemporary studies, vegetarian and vegan restaurants are on the rise globally parallel to the increasing trend towards the non-fleshy, meatless food-habits in the contemporary consumer market. Continuing with the similar ideology and considering the fact that I am also vegetarian since birth, I am exploring the potential market for setting up a veg-vegan café at Southampton, named as ‘BeingVeg’. Having the family tradition of vegetarian food habits for generations and father’s side of family was of farmers, I would definitely employ the intricate knowledge of veg food culture which would in turn help me in expanding the food business.


Where will the money go? 

These collected funds will be a key capital that will fund some crucial investment and expenditure like - buying kitchen equipment, rent for the space, other essential stuff and if we are able to raise more it will only help expand our organic food options.


·      Knives, Chopping Boards, Saucepan and other kitchen tools - 250   

·      Tea Maker - £300

·      Coffee Machine - £350

·      Juice Extractor - £300

·      Food Processor - £400

·      Hotplate/utensils for cooking and preparation - £650

·      Paper cups/plates/napkins and Printing Cost - £550

·      Licence - £250

·      Venue Rent and Gazebo Hire - £850

·      Marketing and Promotion - £500

·      Website Building - £600





I promise, it would be a SUPER REWARDING EXPERIENCE for our patrons, sponsors and supporters too. I want you to have the opportunity to get back what you give, through various discounts and offers as rewards. It's win-win for everyone!!! I very much understand that it just isn't possible for some people to make donations, but there are other ways you can help! Help us get the word out!  As donation means money, and I understand the squeezing pocket, but spreading the word out is the easiest option. Your words for suggestion, appreciation or recommendation will be equally important for supporting our café business endeavours. 

I appreciate you guys, SO MUCH!  Without you, none of this would be possible!! No wonders, you will be honoured through a SUPER SHOUT WITH OUR HEARTFELT GRATITUDE on all social media handles.

We will be having pop up stall in Southampton


Find us here 

If you have any suggestions, please Email Us or contact on Facebook Page or Twitter Handle

Help us succeed!!!     

Furthermore, we expect the business operation for the said café to be financially profitable and rewarding for our revenue. I fully believe in my vision. However, I cannot make the café a reality, without your support. 

Besides getting an awesome place to come enjoy fresh food or a meal on the go, you will be a huge part of helping to create the Café ‘BeingVeg’!!! Help us with donations and funding, it can be £10, £25, £50, £100, £200 or whatever you can support us with. I will be deeply grateful!!  I am aiming to raise £5000.