Lego Coding Kits for Nant Caerau

Support the children with their coding lessons!

Lego Coding Kits for Nant Caerau
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Completion Date: Mon 26 Mar 2018


Number of students that will benefit: 246

Age of students: 4-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 26%*

*over the past three years

OUr project

Our school is based in Caerau Cardiff and we are a Welsh medium school with 246 pupil from ages 3 - 11.

What do you want?

We want to buy Lego coding kits, called WeDo 2.0. They include 8 exciting projects to entice the children's interest in coding.

Who is this for?

This is for all of the pupils to enjoy throughout the school during Coding club and IT lessons.

Why do you want it?

The majority of our pupils at Ysgol Nant Caerau love to build with Lego. We’ve witnessed that building with Lego is a form of therapy for our pupils that have low communication skills, social communication difficulties due to difficult circumstances that are out of our control or/and behavioural difficulties.

Currently, one of our pupils’ main interests in Science and Technology is coding. We’ve recently started an after school coding club and one class has received a ‘Coding with Lego’ session with TechnoCamps company. The class thoroughly enjoyed the session and it developed their computational thinking skills, all pupils need these skills to be prepared for the future real-world challenges.

The WeDo 2.0 kit includes eight exciting projects specifically designed to engage in coding through developing pupils’ abilities to apply computational thinking. Using this unique combination of building with the familiar LEGO bricks and using an easy-to-use coding software and engaging curriculum STEM challenges will make coding fun and relevant for our pupils at Ysgol Nant Caerau.

The WeDo 2.0 core set is delivered in a storage box along with sorting trays, labels, a Smarthub, a Medium Motor, Motion Sensor, a Tilt Sensor, and enough building elements for two pupils. The accompanying desktop and tablet supported software provides an easy-to-use programming environment and includes the WeDo 2.0 Curriculum Pack, which covers life, physical, earth, and space sciences, as well as engineering. Each kit has 280 pieces and is suitable for two pupils, which will benefit collaboration and problem solving skills whilst working in pairs. A kit costs £117.53. Therefore, we would need £1,798.18 for 15 kits. This will enable a whole class to complete these tasks on the same time.


13 x WeDo 2 kits @ £117.53 each

Subtotal: £1,527.86

Credit card fees (2%): £30.56

Grand total: £1,558.42

Stretch Target

If we raise more than this, we would love to buy a total of 15 sets, at a total of £1,798.18.


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