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Branch Out

We think it's time to Branch Out. Don't you?

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This project received pledges on Thu 30 Apr 2015

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For being so kind and showing your support, we will give unto you: 1) A wonderful Branch Out animal postcard with a dedicated message. 2) The chance to have your benevolence known: we will give you an awesome shout out on social media. 3) The ability to go down in history! We will put your name on our website to show appreciation for the original backers.

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Estimated delivery: 1 August 2015

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Thank you for donating! For being an absolute star we will give to you: Everything you would get for £5, PLUS: 1) Pick a name! You can suggest a name for a either an existing Branch Out animal, or choose a name for the group collectively - the suggestions will go into a hat & we will choose one at random! 2) The stuff of legend: I will write you a limerick either based on yourself or a topic of your choice! 3) Read all about it (first)! - We will send you first look updates and info about how we’re doing, what's occurring at camp Branch Out, and what our next steps are.

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Good karma is heading your way! And that is also in the form of some lovely rewards...You'll get everything which you would get for £15, PLUS: 1) Show your arty side by suggesting a design or colour for use on our actual website. 2) Be one of the privileged few to participate in a trial run of the website! 3) Better get hunting! - We'll make a unique Easter Egg on the website for you which you'll have a certain amount of time to find!

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Estimated delivery: 1 August 2015

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Woah! This is getting pretty serious now - so in return you shall receive all the hugs & kisses from us at Branch Out & everything you'd get for £25, PLUS: 1) You get to see my dancing (it's pretty unique :p) on a personalised 30 second music video thanking you! 2) It's time to get celebrating with an invitation to Branch Out's launch party! 3) Come & see the sites - Branch Out is all about community & the environment, so as we are based in the beautiful city of York, and as I have an abundance of knowledge about the best coffee shops to go to, we are offering the chance for you to come here, bring a group & have a guided tour of the sites of York/ the University if you fancy! (Sadly transport/accommodation not included)

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Estimated delivery: 1 August 2015

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Wow! We are so genuinely touched that you would donate this amount, it means so much to everyone involved. And as a thank you, you will receive everything which a donation or £50 would, PLUS: 1) I will get creative & draw a unique Branch Out animal which you can then name! 2) Also, I can put my (admittedly limited) infographic skills to the test & make you an infographic video on the topic of your choice! 3) We want to repay your dedication to the project with equal dedication - we will create focus groups concerning the future development of the project which you will be invited to participate in - Branch Out is for the community & so it is yours as much as it is ours!

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Estimated delivery: 1 August 2015

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Bloomin' heck! This is quite a chunk of money! Thank you so much! And we really are incredibly grateful that you believe in this project so much - we will not let you down! To go some way to saying thank you, this donation receives everything a £100 donation receives, PLUS: 1) Spreading the word - I can come and talk about Branch Out whether it be a meet & greet, Q&A, or group chat about the project - there's nothing more I like talking about than Branch Out! 2) Actions are better than words as we all know, so to that effect I will come and get involved in your community! Maybe you need more volunteers at an event? Or you're raising money for charity & you want some extra helpers? Well then I'll gladly come and help you guys out for a day! (Sadly, transport will have to be minimal/extra) 3) Get the VIP treatment, as you are most definitely a VIP to us! This means you will receive a VIP invitation to the launch party which entails a personal thank you, drinks on arrival, access to the VIP area, public awareness of your generosity & more! Once again, we would just like to say thank you for your generosity and support of our project: Branch Out loves you!!

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Estimated delivery: 1 August 2015