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Brunel Rugby League 🏉

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Brunel Rugby League 🏉
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This project received pledges on Sun 06 Oct 2019

A short summary of Our project

We are looking to raise money for new equipment, competition entry fees and potential club partnerships. We are aiming to raise at least £150, with all funds raised up to £250 being matched by Brunel University London.

Who We Are

Brunel Rugby League is a friendly, diverse and committed group of players who all share the same passion for the sport of Rugby League. Our aim is to make the 2019/20 season our best yet!

Our story

As one of the smaller clubs at Brunel, we are looking for donations to aid us in becoming one of the most successful and inclusive sports clubs on campus. Donations would allow us to gain new equipment to help us hone our skills and further our aims of winning the league and other rugby league competitions.

Where the money will go

  • All proceeds received will go towards improving our club and widening the appeal of Rugby League
  • A variety of training equipment to help us increase our performance on the pitch
  • Entry fees for BUCS Rugby League 9s tournament
  • Printing costs (150 flyers + 2 posters)
  • Any money raised over our target will be saved in our functions account to fund future projects

Find us here

Facebook:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/rlbrunel

Twitter:         https://twitter.com/BrunelRL

Instagram:    https://www.instagram.com/brunelrl/

Remember to tell people to follow us for updates about the club throughout the 2019/20 season.

Help us succeed

To help us succeed in achieving our goal please share this project through social media, the more people who know about the project the better. All support and donations will be greatly appreciated.