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Jiu-Jitsu National Randori Competition

Brunel Jiu-Jitsu competing against all the other University Jiu-Jitsu Clubs in Randoori Style

Jiu-Jitsu National Randori Competition
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Completion Date: Thu 20 Feb 2020

Brunel Jiu-Jitsu National Randoori Competition 

Every year Jiu-Jitsu go to compete in the National University Competition and compete against the other clubs in Randoori Style.

Jiu-Jitsu is a Club that comprises of over 20 members who learn a variety of Self-Defense techniques including throws, locks and striking. techniques. The club prides itself on being a welcoming, friendly, and fun so members with or without experience are able to enjoy it.

Jiu-Jitsu is a martial help to provide people with knowledge of self-defense but also encourage many other elements such as fitness, personal development, growth in skills and confidence. Our competitions are a way to test our skills and put ourselves in a situation where we can use our techniques under pressure. Whilst still providing a very important lesson to the members and provides them with a fun and surprising experience.

The competition takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of February and we need help with funding so we can supply our members with the resources needed for them to compete.

We need your help to get our club down to Northampton to represent what Brunel have!

Why it's important?

Our club members will be competing against other universities around the country and its important that Brunel Jiu-Jitsu have the opportunity to battle it out so we may represent our club and the university .

The competition works by having the members compete in two different events, one of them being ground-fighting in which the competitors will be using a range of grappling techniques from holds to locks to defeat the other opponent whilst on the ground. The other event is the Standing Randori's in which the competitors have to defeat the opponent by executing throws on them to get them on the ground. 

Where will the money go?

The money will go towards transport and accommodation for our Competitors whilst they are going up to Northampton to compete for the university. This is important as Northampton is over 2 hours travel and with the timing of the competition it makes it difficult to compete and commute. This is because competition would end late therefore our competitors will be very weary with all the travel and early starts. Getting them hotels is important as well as obtaining the right transport to get them there.

Fundraising GOAL Milestones - CLUB Rewards For everyone!

Our Fundraising Goals below are what the club will offer to you when we hit that certain target. The Socials below will be open to both members and non members so long as you stay updated on our Social Media platforms for when they happen.

£100 - Martial Arts Movie Night Social

(We rent a room in the lecture center specifically to watch classic martial arts movies)

£150 - Games Night Social 

(Jiu-Jitsu host a games night ranging from video games, board games and card games etc.)

£200 - Drink to Dan Social

(Our Famed Pub Crawl around Uxbridge with a fun twist) (disclaimer you do not need to drink alcohol to take part)

£300 - Special Social

(Choices of Top Golf, Trampoline Park, Axe Throwing etc.)

£500 - We Create a Short Action Film to Post on our Social Media for everyone to see

Where can you find us?

Jiu-Jitsu Training

Monday 8pm-10pm (IAC)

Wednesday 8pm-10pm (IAC)

Instagram - bruneljitsu

Follow our Facebook Page - Brunel Jiu Jitsu

Any Help Will Do!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated by everyone in the club and even sharing this page with your friends and colleagues is a big help to us.

Thank you for reading this and also...If you would like too, come join us for training at the times above!