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Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss. Scott Fitzgerald

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Completion Date: Tue 12 Apr 2016


My name is Monserrat. I live in Costa Rica and have a passion for Central American Literature. However, many authors in this region are held back due to a lack of expertise in the publishing sector. My goal is to study a Master’s Degree in Design & Publishing to promote the literature of my country throughout Central America, bringing information to existing publishers, or if necessary create a new Publishing Agency.

My Journey

In Costa Rica I studied Spanish literature and philology, was a proof reader and had a small used book

store. I am also a mother to two beautiful children. The nearest university I can attend is in Mexico,

Xochimilco. I meet all the requirements to attend and enrolment begins October 2016. I have a strong

academic record and once I complete my qualifications I will return to costa Rica to implement what I

have learnt.

Where your donations will be spent

Donations will be used exclusively to pay College expenses and airfare as I have a job with which to pay for food and expenses.

Thank you for sharing my dream. Find and read more Central American books, please!!!

Some Central American poems here: