Careers in textiles for Key Stage 4 Students

Inspire our students to discover the creative industries with a computerised sewing machine!

Careers in textiles for Key Stage 4 Students
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Completion Date: Fri 14 Jul 2017

Key stats

% of students on pupil premium at our school: 86%

Number of students this will benefit: unlimited

Age of students: 14-16


We are raising money for a Bernette Chicago 7 embroidery and sewing machine that will allow students to embroider a wider variety of designs and a Epsom P400 inkjet printer that will allow us to print on fabric. Students will be able to further unleash their creativity and create even more beautiful pieces with a professional edge.

Our students

Teaching Art and Textiles at The Children Support Service is really unique, our students come from such diverse backgrounds, who bring their experiences into their creative and expressive work, which makes teaching them so interesting. CSS students are not afraid to experiment and work so well as a team, learning from each other and being supportive of individual's creative process.They are also remarkably willing to give up their time to work on their projects outside of the classroom.

Our project

Textiles Art and Design is a popular choice at The Children Support Service

We use many different artists and designers as inspiration, both fine art and textile. Most of our outcomes are based on craft techniques, however sadly, using technology to create beyond the design stages is limited if used at all.

We teach both KS4 with a focus on textiles Art and Design. Students work with many experimental techniques on paper and fabric. Digital design is used in its basic form so students are able to create simple design work using Photoshop and image manipulation to create designs and patterns.

To be able to use newer forms of production would give the students a chance to experience the production of design work as it happens in industry or further education.

We would like to develop students ability to see beyond school and begin to enquire about jobs and careers within the subject. Parents would also perhaps be more informed about progression routes and see our subject as a possibility within 21st century job opportunities. To broaden the subjects appeal to those students who lean more towards design production would encourage more students to consider the creative industries as a viable option for their future career choices.

Our subject prides itself in providing students quiet times in which school staff can counsel and guide  many difficult experiences students  are dealing with at home. We pride ourselves in ensuring we do everything we can to support our students social and emotional well being.

Where your donation goes:

1x Bernette Chicago 7 @ £799:

1x Epsom P400 @ £438.07:

4x Inkjet fabric roll @ £38.95 each:

1X Full set of ink cartridges @ £91.19:

Credit card fees (2%): £30 (to cover the fees charged by the payment provider)

Total cost: £1,519

Students' work during textile sessions

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