Cannabinoids and their effects on cancer and gut infections

How can cannabinoids help us in medicine? It's time to test them to their full potential!

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Completion Date: Sat 30 Nov 2019

A short summary of my project

I am raising £40,000 to help me fund this potentially life changing project I am undertaking. I am hoping to see a positive effect of cannabinoids on cancer and gut infection which can potentially save so many lives every year that are lost to cancer and help people with gut infections before the infections get a chance to form ulcers and potentially stomach cancer.

Who am I?

I am a PhD student studying at the University of Liverpool. I will be assisted by my supervisor throughout the project and I am just someone who wants to see as many people as possible smile!

My story

I have always had a huge amount of empathy for people struggling in any kind of way. But I feel the suffering of individuals with diseases such as cancer a whole lot more. 

In 2009, my grandfather died with stomach cancer, he suffered a lot before his death for years and unfortunately despite staying strong and going through so much he gave up his fight on 23rd February 2009. Very young at the time, I was confused as well as very angry that despite so many advancements in this world, nothing could save my grandfather. What was the point?

I want to stop so many others from suffering a similar fate, I feel this is a preventable and a curable disease and I am determined at all costs to find a permenant solution.

With your help I will have more resources to work with hence a better research project and the potential to go big and hopefully find a cure.

Where will the money go?

Here I have the costs of the most important things I will need over the course of 3 years, these will be covered with my minimum amount:

  • Lab Consumables: £26,175
  • Conference/Travel Money: £1200
  • Computing: £975


  • Tuition Fees: £12,981
  • Travel to University: £5400

I will update regularly on my progress any new findings will be recorded as soon as possible.