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MA Classical and Contemporary Text

I am raising £8,000 by the beginning of my course to help me pay for my tuition and maintenance whilst living in Glasgow. By raising this money, it will help me progress in my training of becoming a professional actor and break into the business ready to perform some of Shakespeare's greatest texts.

I am Charlie Clee

I am a young man from Midhurst in West Sussex, the oldest of 9 children and so far the only one in my family history to go to university, let along be studying for a Masters degree. 

Why am I doing this?

I have been training for the last 3 years at Northampton University on the BA Acting course, on which I have discovered I have strong clarity and strength in speaking Shakespeare. Shakespeare and Acting are a massive passion of mine and very close to my heart through which I wish to become an actor known for his skill and talent with the verse. I myself don't come from money and raising the fund's for my studies is something that I am going to do my very up most to do, I am an extremely dedicated and hard working young man and will always do my very upmost to get to where I need to be as an actor. If you are to pledge any money to myself, it will allow me to go and strengthen and fine tune my skills for this business. 

What on earth will your money be spent on?

So they money will first and full mostly be used for my fees for study, the course its self costs £11,844  so any contributions will go a long way, any money from then on will go towards paying for rent, course trips (one of which is to spend a month at The Globe in London), Travel and if anything is left at all then general living costs.                                                                                                                    

  • Course Fees: £11,844
  • Rent: £400 p/month
  • Travel: £70 p/month
  • Course/Theatre Trips: £1500
  • General Living (Food and bills): £120 p/month

The things I can give to you for giving to me

Have a quick look at what I am willing to do for yourselves if you can donate a certain amount for me, its not a lot but it is something I will do especially for yourselves.

Just a few pictures of my work

Follow, Feed and see my work

Website link:   http://charlieclee.wix.com/charlieclee

Twitter link:   https://twitter.com/CharlieClee

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Charlie-Clee-941073275940428/

Help me raise enough to study

I am only one man who is trying his best, but I am going to need every single persons help to reach enough money, whether it be reposting or telling your friends about my cause, or even being one of those extremely kind people who donates. Any way that you guys could help me get to study in Glasgow will be amazing. Thank you all!