Chibi in Amman: Studying Arabic @ the Qasid Institute!

Raising money to fund a COMPULSORY language intensive in Jordan as part of my MA.

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Hey y'all!

The reason I need to study Arabic in the first place is because I want to work in Conflict Resolution, Peace-building and Trauma Healing!

By going to Jordan and completing my MA asap, you'd be helping me help make the world a safer place to live in, in less time.

I'd like to develop and use my language skills to facilitate dialogue and peaceful co-existence, help refugees throughout Europe feel welcomed, and help them become the productive members of society they all want to be :)

The minimum I need is £1900 to help me out, and that’s where you all come into the picture!

You'd be a hero/heroine, not just for me, but for the world by helping me out!



I'm studying a 2-year, FULL TIME MA in Islamic Societies, Cultures and Intensive Arabic @ SOAS; I started this MA straight after my BA, when I found out about the HEFCE scholarships that were going about.

I applied and I got a scholarship! It helped with tuition a bit, but since I started, my family gave me short notice that my Dad's planning to retire and move out of London to Worksop by this Summer.

BUT! This summer I HAVE to go to Jordan on an Arabic Intensive course for 2.5 months as part of my MA. Can't get out of it. Trust me, I've tried!!

I have to foot the bill for the flights, VISA, boarding at Qasid, utility bills, books, travel insurance and living costs (food, emergency money etc) all on my lonesome :( 

I can't go part time or I'll lose half my scholarship, and still won't be able to afford rent even then, because I couldn't save £10k+ that short notice… even though I'm working alongside my degree.

Also, I can't take out a student loan because they're not available to PG students yet, and I don't know if I will qualify next year :(

Intensive Arabic is also HARD! Especially if you're a total beginner. If I worked any more than I already do, I couldn't even scrape a pass!


People nickname me “Chibi” because I’m vertically challenged XD.

I'm just a regular, insanely hard-working Joe with big dreams and big life goals, trying to take the route that will let me achieve them the fastest!

I'm passionate about social justice, human rights, and interfaith dialogue.

I also really, really, REALLY love Falafels. And Hummus... *drools*.



  • If I reach my minimum, the money would go towards paying the expenses incurred by the 2.5 months in Amman at the Qasid Institute, including the flight there, the VISA, travel insurance, living budget boarding costs etc.

[Proof of claims made above]


I’ve completed training in Multicultural Wellness with Capacitar International, who have successfully worked with groups of trauma survivors in Rwanda, Japan, Nicaragua, Mexico, Ireland, Afghanistan and many other countries. If I raise over my target, not only could I put this money towards extra tuition I could follow up with my contacts and begin volunteering in poor neighbourhoods and for Human Rights organisations.


  • I aim to keep everyone who donates updated at least once a week on the progress of my campaign, via YouTube vlogs :)
  • Ranging from a thank you to a year's worth of free Arabic language buddying- basically anything that's legal and moral- I aim to have something for everyone!



I have a Youtube account where you can ask me all the questions you want- I promise to make a video response to reasonable questions ;)

You can find me on Twitter via @Shura_539444, otherwise on Facebook 



I need as many people as possible to donate and share!

Whether it's £5, £50 or *hint, hint* £500, a one-off, or a few multiple donations, anything and everything is highly appreciated! I'm humbled already by the amazing friends I have who have offered me their support for this campaign <3

Thank you for your time!!!