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Mental Health Matters
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Completion Date: Sun 09 May 2021

Can you help me help others?

Our Mental health is as vital as physical health, the pair go hand in hand.

There is a growing trend of suicides and young people feeling they have nothing to live for. I hope to be able to use my teaching, learning and Masters experience to help.

Hi, I'm Alex, a qualified primary school teacher and nurse. I'm 37 and have two young daughters. I have been accepted to do an MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing at Anglia Ruskin University, however there is no funding available.

I want to use this MSc to work in the community and support children and teenagers who are suffering with mental health, especially after the effects of the pandemic. It is so important to me because as both a nurse and teacher, I see the devastating effects of mental health on an almost daily basis. 

The impact of any money given will firstly help me to fund the course, but in the future will be helping to benefit the younger generation. I want to be able to give hope to young people who feel there is none.  Having both a nursing degree and a teaching degree is quite unique and I hope that this will give me a greater understanding of how I can help.

If you can spare anything in these challenging times, I can offer my huge appreciation and the promise of paying it forward.