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Why Support the choice program?

The Choice Program at UMBC is a community-based, family-centered program that partners with youth and families to bring their goals to fruition. We offer mentoring, intensive advocacy services, education programming and workforce development.

We connect families to self-identified, needed resources and utilize an anti-racist, strength-based approach to youth development. We engage in a collaborative process of service where young people set goals for themselves and are supported by their Choice mentors along the way.

The Choice Program operates out of The Shriver Center. With overarching program goals of removing barriers to success and strengthen youth and family ties to the community, Choice achieves these goals through the dedication of program staff, AmeriCorps mentors and UMBC student volunteers. They make meaningful connections with the young people they serve, offering informal counseling, enrichment experiences, training, community service activities, arts programming and home visits.

UMBC students serving with Choice have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in direct service with youth, advocates, and community leaders. Choice offers students a place to develop skills and community while exploring options for career or further education. Student volunteers gain practical experience in: lesson planning, tutoring, mentoring, interpersonal communication, working with adolescents, and community building.

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