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Citizens of Nowhere

A MA Filmmaking final film "Citizens of Nowhere" is a Fictional-Drama based on true events.

Citizens of Nowhere
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This project received pledges on Sun 31 Jul 2022
  • A short summary of our project

    We are raising money to fund the production of 'Citizens of Nowhere', which is a graduation/dissertation film for MA Filmmaking (Kingston University London).

    'Citizens of Nowhere' is a fictional-drama based on true events. The story revolves around Dana, a 60 years old Caribbean working women who was wrongfully detained by the UK government after 'Hostile Environment Policy 2012' under the allegations of being an Illegal immigrant. The film talks about the effect of staying in detention centre on Dana's mental health and her relationship with Kalisa (Daughter), who takes care of her.

    Who are we?

    My name is Bhavishay Kher (Director/writer of 'Citizens of Nowhere'), currently pursuing MA Filmmaking from Kingston University London. I'm a visual arts enthusiast since last seven years who specialises in cinematography and also works well within the roles of director, writer and editor. Initially my journey started as a street photographer in 2015 mainly because capturing stories on streets intrigued me and I try to imply the same principles of story-telling in my films. 

    The crew working together on this project are an ambitious, creative, experienced and lovely group of people who're also Kingston University Alumni. They're great to work with as we've worked as a team on the Inaugural 'Kingston International Film Festival 2022'.

    • Jelena (Producer) is the deputy festival director of Kingston International Film Festival and specialises in short film production. She makes sure everyone stays happy and hydrated on set. 
    • James (Editor) is a Media Teacher and freelance filmmaker. He loves editing and writing comedy and is the one person everyone turns to when they have a technical question.
    • Kevin (DoP) came over for his MA from America. Him and his wife love travelling and dogs and he is the good soul of our team.
    • Laurie is a writer, art department assistant and composer. He is our designated driver and cheers everyone up with his jokes.

    our story

    The Windrush scandal was a British political scandal which began in 2018 concerning people who were wrongly detained, denied legal rights, threatened with deportation, and in at least 83 cases wrongly deported from the UK by the Home Office. Many of those affected had been born British subjects and had arrived in the UK before 1973, particularly from Caribbean countries, as members of the "Windrush generation".

    The film is deeply based on the consequences of the UK Government's actions in 'Windrush Scandal' that Dana faced being part of 'Windrush generation' in regards to losing her job and dealing with mental trauma of being in a detention centre. Being an Immigrant in the UK myself, I couldn't even imagine how the people affected by this would've felt or still dealing with the mental trauma. 

    We're really passionate about telling this story to as many people as we can. 

    Where will the money go?

    We have a lot of expenses, so we are deeply grateful for any donation you can make! All of the money will help the completion of the film. 

    ●  Transportation expenses: £100
  • Food expenses: £300
  • Props and Costume Design: £50
  • Location: £300
  • Payment for actors: £600
  • Contingency: £150

    Find us here

    Feel free to contact us if you've any queries, don't hesitate! - email: bkher2000@gmail.com.

    Help us succeed!

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