Fund my Classical Studies Degree

Funding for my Classical Studies Honors Degree

Fund my Classical Studies Degree
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Completion Date: Thu 14 May 2015

A short summary of your projects

- Funding for books, transport and equipment

-To help attend vital archaeological Field trips

-To help fund my own research 

Who are you?

- I am a 24 year old part time student whose goal and ambition is to over come her disability and to study the ancient world and become an archaeologist.

-I want to show the world I can do this, regardless of what people say

Your story

- I am a part time student because I have a condition know as CFS/ME, My condition affects my day to day life and can be debilitating. 

- I have fought tooth and nail to get into such a competitive university, and I cant give up now.

- Since I am Part Time I receive no government support as it is deemed that those studying part time also work ( which I cant do while studying)

- I am determined not to let CFS/ME stand in my way in achieving my life goals, but this can be difficult.

- I currently do not have my own copies of books, instead I must stay in the library and use their copies that cannot be checked out.

-Being funded will give me the peace of mind, to help concentrate on my studies and to have the best equipment and experience to do so.

Where will the money go?

- The money received will go towards many different things:

Books £500
Transport - £1200 (approx 50-120 a month)
Field trips - £2000 (approx £500- 800 per month)
My own research - £300

 Help ME succeed!

Please help me not let my condition and situation beat me and help me manage my dream of exploring the Ancient world! My degree is the first step on this ladder. Anything you can give will help and you will have my eternal gratitude.