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Helping progress outstanding footballers up the ladder and towards their first England jersey.

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Completion Date: Fri 30 Dec 2016

What we are looking to do

I'm raising £1000 to allow us to improve the facilities and experience we can offer boys playing District football in Havant, allowing them a greater opportunity to progress up the ladder system towards County Football and potentially England Schoolboys.

Who am I

My name is Tom Best and I am the manager for Havant District Under 13s, and have been involved in the management of Havant District for the last three years. As-well as coaching for the district I coach at two other clubs, and Hampshire County. I am also a Student at the University of Chichester, undertaking a degree in PE Teaching and Sports coaching. I have a huge passion for developing young players within football, and trying to give them maximum exposure to opportunities and help them progress as far as they can during their youth career.

This project is something that is extremely important to myself as in my youth I was lucky enough to receive various opportunities within football, including representing England Youth's Futsal squad, and know the experiences and memories these opportunities give individuals. More importantly though I have also seen players miss out on their potential breaks in to County or National football due to hold backs, including one player who unfortunately could not attend County trials due to finances in getting there. These are the sort of players we want to help, and not let anything stop them from reaching their maximum potential.

Why are we doing what we are

We at Havant District Representatives aim to give every player who progresses to our squad the opportunity to develop as much as possible and aim to reach their maximal potential. Many quality young players slip through the football net, down to a variety of different reasons, whether it be rejection at an early age, physically struggling to compete, too much pressure, lack of opportunity etc. We aim to allow every player the opportunity, from first nominations a lengthy trial program allowing every player as much opportunity to showcase themselves, then when with the squad, classroom performance sessions, lengthy training sessions and regular feedback to aid their development. 

We are looking to raise money to allow us to not only continue providing our current service to the players and parents, but also to improve it. All of this is in aid of not only allowing the boys to play District Level Football but in allowing them to progress towards County Representative Football and potentially beyond towards England Schoolboys.

You can help these squads, any size donation goes towards the boys. Whether that be in us hiring better facilities for them, getting better equipment for them, or helping players out individually if they have tough circumstances. Ultimately everything is for them, and them having every possible opportunity to progress, and you can be a part of this.

What will we do with your donations

We have decided not to set a minimum on our fundraising, this is because no matter how small or large the amount raised it will all help towards allowing us to give the players everything they deserve and every opportunity to try and progress forwards.

If we hit our full target our main aim is to move our match day home venue, this is for various reasons which include: Better quality pitches for the boys to play on, better facilities allowing the opportunity for players to socialise before and after fixtures and that there is a vantage point to film from allowing us to record and then analyse fixtures with the players after, improving their knowledge of their own individual attributes. As-well as the new venue we would be able to buy new footballs and various other pieces of training equipment for all our squads, and also allow us to have money available to support those players who may be struggling finically and impacting on their opportunities.

If we were to raise more than our target we would potentially look to add in another training evening allowing the squads to get together twice a week, doubling the amount of training time they have with one another, and allowing us to work much more individually with players and go more in depth.

We will be posting regular updates on our Facebook page, with not only how the boys are getting on but also where money is currently being spent and what we have been able to do with that.


We will have a variety of different rewards available dependent on the amount you donate so check them out!

Where to Find us

Like us on Facebook to keep updated and see how we are doing. Search: Havant District Schools FA

How you can help

You don't need to donate to help us in achieving our goals! Spreading the word and showing your support for our campaign is just as helpful! So if you can spread the word on social media, round your town or to anyone who you think may be interested in supporting our campaign it would be brilliant!!


Can I meet the team? - Backers who donate £10 or more will get the opportunity to attend an open training session and meet all of the squad, backers who donate £30 will be a match day sponsor for a fixture and will get the opportunity to meet the players as-well as have a photo with the whole team.

How can I make sure you spend the money wisely? - We will be posting regular updates on our Facebook page so that all of our backers can see the progress we are making and where the money is going, as-well as this you are also able to drop us an email for a regular update and too see how things are progressing.

What is the chances of one of the players actually making it to the England schoolboy squad? -  As with something so prestigious the percentage likelihood of one of the squad representing England is slim, but with the right support and opportunity all players have the opportunity, and we are looking to push every player as far as they can and with your help this can be achieved.

How will I know if one of the players makes it to the county or England squad? - All of our players who are nominated to trial will have announcement made on our Facebook page, any of those then lucky enough to make the squad will also be announced along with some background information on the individual and their progress.

Without them progressing to the County or England squad what benefit does my donation have? - Any size donation makes an impact to us, it allows us to put more money towards the boys and improve facilities and get things that ultimately improve their district experience. We want all the players to look back with a positive experience and to have enjoyed their time with us.