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Donate now and provide students with the ability to complete training and expeditions

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Why Fund Us?

With your support our student members will be able to undertake their Gold Award, giving them the opportunity to develop leadership skills and self-confidence, making them more employable in the future.

After secondary school, completing the Gold Duke of Edinburgh award is a challenge, often accompanied with huge costs.

Which is why we need your help now!!

Our Society supports participants through their expedition section, helping them prepare by sourcing and providing the appropriate training and kit.

We are a new society, only 2 years old. All of us involved are incredibly passionate about Duke of Edinburgh and being part of this group has helped us all personally to be better people and develop skills such as resilience and perseverance.

We desperately need kit for our expeditions and we are asking for your help and support by donating to make this a possibility.

This equipment will last for years to come and will allow the same amazing opportunities for future students.

The Detail 

-The Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award is formed of 5 sections; skills, physical, volunteering, expedition & residential, and requires participants to dedicate 12-18 months minimum to complete the award.

The expedition section is often the most challenging part of the award for participants, not only physically but also financially, at Gold level it is focused more on the journey than the distance covered.

Developing an appreciation of the outdoors and adventure, participants are required to walk for a minimum of 4 days, camping each night. During their adventure participants learn to be self-sufficient, carrying everything they require for the week on their person, problem solving skills are often tested with this simple element of the expedition.

The teamwork & leadership developed during this section of the award are valuable skills for both university projects and the workplace. Scientists are finding more evidence that the outdoors is very beneficial for mental health and reducing stress levels.

This short time away from their studies can benefit students massively, enabling them to be more effective in both their studies and work commitments.

Students come to university to make themselves more employable, and the DofE Award really pushes participants to better themselves, sadly, many miss out on the opportunity due to the expense of this one section, with your donations you can help more students to achieve this internationally recognised award.

Where will the money go?

The minimum target will enable us to purchase enough camp equipment to run for one group of participants, however they will still need to pay for transport, camps and supervisors/assessors etc.

The maximum will allow the group to complete their entire gold award, obtain all camping equipment and provide initial funding for next year’s groups!

The following is a breakdown of expedition costs:

Camp Equipment

• 3 x 3 Man Tents: £200

• 3 x Trangia: £150

• 3 x Fuel Bottles (Camp Safe) £50

• 5ltr Fuel Supply (Cooking)

Practice Expedition

• Mini bus 5 days: £325 (£45 a day + fuel)

• Camping 4 nights £400 (10 pp per night)

Qualifying Expedition

• Mini bus 5 days £370 (£45 a day + fuel)

• Camping 4 nights £400 (10 pp per night)

• Hostel 1 night £220 (£20 pp for 11 people)


• Stove protection cases £25 (£5 per unit)

• Fund initial training for next years participants.


We have some great rewards, anything is appreciated! You will be helping a participant complete their expeditions with the top tiers!

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