Drones for South Rise

Using drones to support and promote coding

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Number of students that will benefit: 360

Age of students: 7-11

Percentage eligible for free school meals: 37.8%*

*over the past six years


Our school

My name is Aaron Jelley and I lead computing at South Rise Primary School. Our school is based in Plumstead, London and is part of The Compass Partnership of schools. We are a three-from entry school with over 500 students passionate about computing. Digital Wisdom has become a core priority this year, preparing third millennium learners for an unknown future shaped by technology.

What do we want?

Following a 1:1 iPad trial, the children have become fascinated with coding. On our Digital Careers Day, on 8th February 2018, we were able to borrow one Parrot mini-drone from a partner school and 180 children in years 5 and 6 participated in workshops during this exciting day. We would now like to purchase 5 drones of our own so that years 5 and 6 can explore this further. It would also open the opportunities up to years 3 and 4.

Who is this for?

Starting with 5 drones will give us many opportunities to support KS2 and by starting a coding club after school we will hope to introduce this exciting technology to KS1 as well. We want to have an impact on all of our students.

Why do we want it?

Operating the drones will bring to life the core concepts of coding that are a part of the national curriculum. Children can realise the power of writing code as they program the drone to manoeuvre a course and do tricks. Beyond this, the drone will teach children about the changing careers that technology brings as an increasing amount of jobs will rely on people with the skills to write algorithms and debug programs. By operating the drone remotely, we can also use it to explore the local area using the camera - supporting our learning in history, geography and science.

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