Durgha's Abseil for DMU Square Mile India

Your donations will support DMU's charity abseil to raise funds to build homes in Gujarat, India.

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DMU Square Mile India

DMU Square Mile India works to transform the lives of some of the poorest communities in Gujarat. Originally formed to support youngsters living in a children’s home in the Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad, it has since expanded and aims to work with thousands in 2018.

Our students travel to India regularly working with communities on projects that enable them to put their degree studies into practice – whether that is delivering English classes, providing free hearing screenings, teaching dance or drama, developing ways that technology could improve life for families and much more.

Abseil for the Loving Community, Ahmedabad

Last year, an abseil raised more than £5,000, which was enough to provide 120 youngsters in a children's home in Ahmedabad with food, shelter and education for four months. This year, the aim is to work with a group called The Loving Community, made up of former lepers and their families who often struggle to find jobs because of the social stigma associated with the condition.

Every summer the monsoon causes contaminated water to flood the homes of people in the Loving Community and residents are forced to live in nearby community centres for weeks on end.

DMU Square Mile India aims to raise two of those homes above the water level to prevent flooding. The abseil, which will take place from Gateway House, is one of a series of fundraising events planned to fund the project. DMU Architecture students will be asked to design the new houses and a special trip is being planned over Easter for students to help build the new houses.

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