Energy Monitoring & Management System (EMMS)

Providing energy education and management to organizations and groups with limited resources

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We are EMMS (The Energy Monitoring and Management System) and we are raising $2,500 to help finish out our project. The goal of EMMS is to design a metering solution that will provide a way to monitor and manage the use of a limited energy source. With our metering solution, limited energy sources (such as solar power) can be installed in developing areas, giving access to those in need in an efficient way while giving educational feedback on energy efficiency. Our team is made up of 10 Messiah College students of various disciplines who are looking to use our education to show God's love and make a difference in today's world.

our story

EMMS was founded as a project when Open Door Development contacted the Collaboratory of Messiah College looking for a metering solution to their limited energy source issue. Open Door Development (ODD) is a ministry of SIM International in the village of Mahadaga, Burkina Faso. The mission of ODD is to serve and build up the church in Mahadaga through different projects that help better enable the community. One of ODD's projects is installing renewable energy sources in the local community to provide them with access to a reliable source of power.

One obstacle standing in the way of this project is being able to monitor and manage the energy use of those who would access the power. With their renewable energy sources being limited in what they can provide, ODD looks to control the energy use of those with access to prevent power outages and strategically manage the unused power.

This is where our project comes in! We were tasked with creating a metering solution that would provide ODD with a way to give the local community access to power while still being able to control their energy usage. Our meter meets these needs and also gives users educational feedback on their energy use so that they may learn better energy usage habits. However, while we do currently have a working meter, we still have a ways to go before we have our final project.

How You can helP

With your donations and support, we would be able to better fund the continuation of our project and steps we need to make to complete our meter and even go beyond! Though our meter is functional, it is not the most efficient it can be yet. We are also looking into adding Wi-Fi capabilities to the meter so that we can create a grid of meters communicating with each other and with a central hub that can control them all. This gives our clients a better way to monitor the meter's use and control its settings In addition, we have opportunities to move beyond serving only our client, and to reach out to more organizations around the world who show interest in our meter.

You have the opportunity to contribute to the empowering of communities who currently don't have access to a reliable source of power or any power at all. With access to power, industries and businesses would be able to grow and this would impact the community economically, helping to fight poverty and facilitate growth. We are looking to bring hope and transform lives as a result of our project and ask you to donate and be a part of this too!

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