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Raising funds for public outreach work in Ahmedabad

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HElloooo and welcome!

in December 2018 , i will be going to ahmedabad, India as part of Dmu's Square mile PROJECT. 

During my trip, I will be actively involved with the Gandhi Ashram and many local community centres including the Loving Community; working alongside the community and DMU Alumnus and students to make a real difference in improving their lives.

Since the initiation of the Square Mile Project, DMU have done extraordinarily amazing work in Ahmedabad. From supporting 120 children in the Gandhi Ashram, providing them with food, shelter, medical supplies, sports equipment, school uniforms, extra education and much more. DMU have really made a difference, and you can also play a pivotal role in improving someone's life by offering your support.

We have supported rebuilding flood-risk homes, we have set up educational provisions, we have increased the possibility of giving these individuals a better life, by providing them with what we may call 'basic necessities' of life. We have provided educational facilities for child labourers, we have worked with shunned communities at the bottom of the caste system and we have improved sanitation systems; to support their living conditions. We shall continue to push boundaries and collaborate with our partner organisation, Manav Sadhna; to improve the living conditions and hopefully support them with endless opportunities to better their lives.

I am crowdfunding £500 which will go directly towards this project and the work we will be doing. Your funds will be used by DMU Square Mile across a range of projects, all for the benefit of those who we will be visiting during our trip to Ahmedabad. 

I hope you know and trust that I will give my all to these individuals and do all I can to make a difference, even if it is just putting a smile on their face, at the very least. The support from yourselves will mean a lot to me, so imagine how much it will mean to those that will receive the benefits of your support.

If you can spare anything at all, big or small, please do consider donating towards this project. I can promise you at the very least, I will do all I can to ensure your donations exceed their worth and I will keep you updated on what your donations have done for this worthy cause.

If you cannot donate, that's fine. But please do share my page and spread the word to everyone you know! Any questions - feel free to contact me.

NOTE: The way crowdfunding works is that if I do not meet my target, your funds will be returned to you.