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Help me get Farming! Plenty of ambition, but lacking the start up cash, lets build something great!

Get Jack Farming!
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This project received pledges on Wed 15 Oct 2014

My name is Jack, i am 23 and i am obsessed with farming! After three years of studying at Harper Adams, the leading agricultural University in the country, i am now approaching my fourth and final year!

Farming is the most ancient of all jobs for the human race, essential in all walks of life, for without food, we simply would not exist! The average age of Farmers in the UK is into their late 50's, and the industry is desperately in need of young blood! Over the years, through industrialization and urbanization, we have lost touch wth our food and its origins, but i will aim to try and change this, documenting my project as i go, and my traditional methods of feeding and rearing cattle. 

Ever since i was knee high to a grasshopper, i have been around Great British agriculture in all its shapes and forms, but my family and i have never had anything of our own, but it is well and trully in the blood! As i mentioned above, i am close to graduation from Ag Uni with a BSc(Hons) degree in rural land management with a heavy agricultural influence, and i need something to do post graduation! i have worked on arable and livestock farms, in order to learn all that i can before going out on my own as this is not something you can walk into blind! But having now worked for other people, with a good degree under my belt and brimming with new ideas and enthusiasm, i want to create my own job! Buying a farm is very expensive, and renting a complete farm is near impossible for a new entrant, so, i want to build and create my own!! And if you support this, or feel it a worthy cause to get behind, this is where you come in....

So my project entails trying to build my own farm from scratch, starting with a traditonal, homegrown british beef herd. Every spare penny i have had over the past three years, i have ploughed into (unintentional Ag pun :s) getting the necessary infrastructure to rear and keep cattle, as well as buying my first few animals!

The opportunity to rent 50 acres of grassland has come my way, but i don't have the money up front to pay the rent and, if my target is reached, the money would be spent as follows; 

- 50 acres of Grassland  @ £40/acre = £2,000

- Calf purchase of 10 animals at £150/head = £1,500

- Sundry and feed costs for initial rearing and feeding ie milk powder, vets and meds, other feed stuffs = £500+

When undertaking a project such as, any and every penny that can be spared or donated would be an unbelievable help, and can be invested into growing and developing my business to help it flourish! So, if my target isnt reached, thats ok, every little helps :) similarly, if by some extreme generousiy from you, the Great British publc, my target is exceeded, this simply means i have more to invest to continue to delelop infrastructure and stock, trying to make it all viable!!

Once up and running, i would love to invite any donors to come and visit me and my cows to see what i have been doing, a great day our for all, especially children and grand children!! if this takes off, i will document everything via blog, either Tumblr or Facebook, keeping you updated with all the goings on! Details to follow......


So, if you care about your food and supporting the industry that provides it, or just like the idea, i cant tell you what your donations and support would mean to me! And of course if anybody has any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch, i would be more than happy to talk.


Until soon,