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1 rower, over 200,000m in 24 hours. Raising money to purchase a new boat!

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In May 1960, Grey College, Durham University, bought its first ever boat. This marked the birth of what is now the highly prestigious Grey College Boat Club (GCBC). Rowing has since become part of the college tradition, and has had a vibrant history. To this day, GCBC remains one of the largest and most popular societies in college with over 75 active members in both our men’s and women’s squads.


On October 10th, Tom Fox - a member of the club - will hold a sponsored event in which he shall embark on the Concept 2 24 hour rowing challenge. The aim of this campaign is to raise £10,000 for the boat club. Such an ambitious target requires an equally ambitious challenge - to row over 200,000 metres in a day. 

Tom was inspired to take the challenge when during the Novice VIII race at York regatta, one of the seats broke, resulting in a loss by only a canvas. At Hexham regatta, the same crew borrowed another club’s boat that was in a far greater condition, and as a result, reached the semi-finals - including a three-length victory against the same crew they raced at York.


GCBC is involved in a number of rowing events, including inter-collegiate head races and regattas as well as regional regattas at Hexham, York, Durham and more. Although the club has had successes, the condition of our boats and equipment is withholding our true potential to compete in these events.

During the past year, there have been notable successes in the club for the senior squads, with many winning their first ever points despite equipment difficulties. GCBC is dedicated in training as we aspire to continue with our achievements - yet often training sessions are slowed down or even cancelled due to boats having to be repaired. The cost of maintaining our current boats is so high that in the long run, buying a new one would be a better move financially. 

Above: Squad members celebrating wins at Durham and Hexham regattas in 2015. 

The purchase of a new eight would cost north of £15,000, currently far greater than the club’s current available funds of £5000. Therefore the aim of this campaign is raise sufficient funds to ensure the purchase of a new boat . With your help, the achievements of GCBC will continue.



Even if you do not feel that you can support us financially, we would still much appreciate it if you would share this project with family and friends - either by word of mouth or social media by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond!

Share with us your pictures and memories of GCBC!


"GCBC is more than a club, it is a community. At races we cheer the loudest, have the biggest banners, and run the fastest alongside our crews! I am proud of who we are and what we do; my hope is that GCBC will not just survive, but flourish". - Tom


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