Graces Abseil for Ahmedabad

Raising money to develop houses in Ahmedabad

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Why Donate?

I am doing an abseil at De Monfort University to raise money to develop houses in Ahmedabad, India in preparation for the monsoon season. The houses being developed are for those who previously had leprosy but no longer have the infection. Despite this they have been seriously effected by the illness, such as loss of limbs and social exclusion and the negative stigma of leprosy. This will not only affect the individual but their children and family as well. Every year the homes in this community are flooded by extremely contaminated water by the monsoon, because of this the residents have to stay in the local community centre for weeks. The money from this group will go to develop the two most affected houses, this will be done by raising them above water level.

I am a second year nursing student who will actually be visiting Ahmedabad along side other students and lecturers at De Monfort Univeristy. We are working with the square mile India team to help develop a safeguarding system for the children in certain communities in Ahmedabad.

square mile India is a brilliant organisation which carries out lots of projects to help benefit the residents in Ahmedabad as well as providing lots of learning opportunities to the students of De Monfort University.  Every donation counts and is appreciated so thank you everyone who will donate!!