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Graduating Class Gift 2018

Inspiring the next generation of KU students

Graduating Class Gift 2018
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This project received pledges on Sun 31 Mar 2019

We're the Class of 2018 and we want to celebrate our graduation by paying it forward. We've all known someone who's struggled while at uni, and we don't think it's fair that money should stop students from achieving their dreams. If we all come together we can do something incredible for the students who'll come after us - with just £3.

what is the graduating class gift?

The Class of 2016 funded a full year of a bursary for a student who had left care, while the Class of 2017 funded an emergency hardship grant which saved PhD student Arshia's degree. Because hundreds of them gave just £3, he will be finishing his research into less invasive treatments for cervical cancer this summer and will graduate as part of the Class of 2018 in January with other postgraduate students. I think that's amazing, and I bet we can do even more this year!

Who am i?

My name is Aisha and I'm graduating as part of the Class of 2018 with a BA (Hons!) in Marketing Management. While at Kingston I've been able to grow my business with expertise from the Entrepreneurship team at the Business School as well as make connections with all sorts of peers and alumni. The skills, confidence and knowledge I've gained at Kingston have helped me to win a scholarship to study my MBA at Stanford next year - so I know how important it is that scholarships exist to help us all achieve our best.

Where will the money go?

100% of the money raised will go to students directly - either through a scholarship, a bursary or a hardship grant. Just leave a comment here with your vote of where our Class Gift should go! Last year 500 students gave, and this year we want to reach 750. At our summer ceremonies 340 students donated so the Class of 2018 has already raised over £2000, which is incredible. We want to push this even higher with our postgraduate ceremonies in January 2019 and Healthcare ceremonies in March 2019! (Yes, you're still the Class of 2018!)


With alumni matching our donations, we can raise £4,500 for students!


Which will win? YOU DECIDE!

  • The Student Hardship Fund - because half a degree isn't worth anything. This makes sure that a temporary crisis doesn't mean a student has to drop out.
  • Care Leavers' Bursaries - young people who have left care are WAY less likely to go to uni than those of us who haven't. Only 6% (compared to an average of 40%) get to uni, but anyone should be able to succeed at uni if they have the talent and the drive to.
  • Postgraduate Scholarships - if you think an undergraduate degree is expensive, look at the costs for postgraduate degrees. Money shouldn't get in the way of education
  • The Opportunities Fund - community work, business start-ups, racing cars; the Opportunities Fund means that if you have a great idea, you can make it happen at Kingston.
  • The Research Fund - universities create knowledge, and we want the best of it to be happening at KU!

what we could achieve

This is Arshia, who benefited from a Hardship Grant provided by 2017's Graduating Class Gift and is now able to complete his PhD research into new treatments for breast cancer. Without the Class Gift of 2017, he would have had to drop out because he couldn't afford his last few months of rent. More of his story is here: https://www.kingston.ac.uk/giving/graduating-class-gift/


Everyone who takes part with a donation of £3 or more will receive an exclusive 'Made in Kingston: Class of 2018' gift as a thank you. Rumour has it it's a swanky mug you can take into your new job on your first day. #KUProud!

Help us succeed!

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  • Give! Please sponsor us and help make this happen. If you're feeling generous, you can even give more than £3! 100% will support our fellow students.

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