Hakuna Matata

Empowering the people of Kibera and saving the environment all in one!

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A short summary of our project

- We will teach our beneficiaries skills such as weaving and finance management. Materials used for the weaving include: recycled plastic, reed and sisal. We have 3 weaving teachers available 5 days a week. Our beneficiaries will weave crafts and sell them in tourist markets and authentic Kenyan shops.

- After getting comfortable with their skills and level of income, we want them to progress into weaving their own homes to provide a cleaner, safer environment for them to live in.


Enactus Kent is a student led organisation, where students are encouraged to create their own projects following the Enactus criterion using: “entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Awards our Enactus Kent team have won:

  • Summer Action Award 2013- 2nd Place

  • Nationals 2014 - Wilkinson Most Sustainable Entrepreneurial Award: For our MyStreets Project

  • Nationals 2014 - Best Team Leader Award: Former President Saahil Doshi

  • Summer Action Award 2014 - 2nd Place

  • Elevator Pitch Competition by University of Kent 2015 - Winner

our story

- What we are doing and why it is important to us

We are helping individuals in Kibera to develop and support themselves by teaching them skills such as weaving and financial management so that we can improve the standards of living in one of Africa’s largest slums in an environmentally friendly way, through creating products that will be produced and sold that are made from recyclable materials.

Poverty, unemployment and pollution are some of the issues that we are facing in the world today and Hakuna Matata is a project that is addressing these issues through creativity and enterprise. Hakuna Matata also hopes to offer a unique solution to the prevalent problem of indecent housing, as eventually, our beneficiaries will produce safe and non-toxic homes for themselves, once they have developed the skills to be able to do so.

- What impact will you make by becoming a donor?

By giving money you will be an integral part of our project through helping to finance it. With your money you will be helping some of the million slum dwellers that live in Kibera, such as Victor, 21, who is one of our beneficiaries and wants to gain employability skills, such as the ones we’re providing in our project, to support his large family of nine. With 20 beneficiaries, and with the goal to increase this number, we at Enactus Kent are devoted to doing our best to make an impact on the world as we believe that every step counts.       

wHERE WILL yOUR MONEY GO?                                                                                                                                       

There will be a split in the profits: 60% goes back to the beneficiaries for their welfare, and the remaining 40% will be re-invested into the project e.g. for purchasing materials, transportation etc. If there is any money saved it will be collected and used to either sponsor children to go to school, or to pay for medical care.

- What will we spend the funding on if we hit our minimum?

With the minimum funding amount, we will be able to run the project and help the number of beneficiaries we have originally set out to help. However, at £350, we will not be able to invest as fully into the welfare and training of the beneficiaries as we have planned.

- Where will the money go if we hit our full target?

All the funds left after rewards are given out, will be directly invested into the project in order to make it sustainable. If we raise the full target, we will be able to provide full training to our beneficiaries

- What will we do with extra funds if things really take off and we raise more than our target?

Any excess funds raised will also be invested into the project with the hope of helping even more beneficiaries through the project. These excess funds could also be used to either sponsor children living in Kibera to go to school, or for medical care.

- How often will we give updates on progress when we're running our project?

Fortnightly updates will be given on the progress of beneficiaries and the leaps that they are making. We hope these updates can include videos of the beneficiaries themselves when possible.


As a thank you for donating, we're giving out rewards to donors at £5, £10, £25 and £50 levels. The rewards also include everything from the lower levels, so a £50 donation gets you everything we're giving out!



You can find out more information on the project on our website - http://enactuskent.wix.com/empower#!blank/c1cda, or by getting in contact with our communications officer at enquiries@enactuskent.com.

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