Heaven in Coffee Land

''Happiness is a cup of coffee and a good book''

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Completion Date: Mon 20 Mar 2017

Heaven in Coffee Land

Bognor Regis is a small town on the south coast dubbed by the Telegraph as the "sunniest spot in England". For those of you that have never visited and those who haven't even considered visiting Bognor Regis is a place dominated by students and holiday makers looking who enjoy a more relaxed pace of life. Known for its small town charm, Bognor Regis has an abundance of quaint cafe's and coffee shops, which due to the relaxed atmosphere of the city generally closed by 6pm latest - Just in time for dinner! 

An abundance of coffee shops in any town is never a bad thing and the intention of Heaven in Coffee Land is for late night coffee lovers / students / people who work night shifts to be able to get their caffeine fix and enjoy a slice of Bognor Regis' laid back atmosphere.

Who am I? 

Full time University student, part time coffee shop worker and full time coffee lover! 

'Hi there! I'm Helen. A 22 year old student from the University of Chichester who spends the majority of my free time studying, reading or working. I enjoy the atmosphere of the town and love that both my jobs and my studies allow me to indulge in getting a chance to chat to people. 

My story

Living in Bognor Regis, both as a student and employee, the one thing I have found disappointing about the town is that everything shuts down so early! How's a girl meant to get her well deserved, late night, coffee fix if everything is shut by 6?

There have been so many times - wandering home after finishing a late shift, trying to get an assignment finished or even just wanting to meet with friends somewhere that isn't a pub for once that I have wished more than anything that the coffeeshops opened just that little bit later. Then I thought - surely I can't be the only person thinking this?

Just like that the idea for Heaven in Coffee Land was born. Talking to fellow students and employees it seemed that the one thing missing from Bognor Regis was somewhere for the night owls (Like me!). Working in a coffee shop myself, it wasn't to much of a stretch to consider opening a late night coffee shop, the demand is certainly there. In addition, because I believe that the one thing better then coffee is cake, selling sweet treats alongside any coffee is a must!

I intend to convert an unused building near the high street into my new coffee shop - the former St Wilfrid's charity shop - as its proximity to the centre of town and the university campus will be an ideal location to get too. Hopefully everyone is as excited about getting this project started as I am and will support me in getting the shop started!

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