Helping the Homeless for a Happier Christmas

Collecting donations to make essential and kind gifts for the homeless at Devonport House

Helping the Homeless for a Happier Christmas
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Helping the Homeless for a Happier Christmas!

My name is Shelley and I decided to create this fundraising project after getting a bit carried away with an idea to help some homeless people out this Christmas. 

I did some research in my City (Plymouth) and I have found a 'safe sleep' homeless shelter scheme at Devonport house which is run by the Salvation Army. I think it would be most beneficial to donate gifts via the shelter.

So far I have bought items such as thermal socks, warm hats, small tolietry sets, playing cards, deodorant and chocolates to go in gift boxes but I would really like to raise some more money to make enough gifts to be distributed to everyone in the shelter. 

This is a cause I am passionate about and I belive that everyone deserves to be loved. Christmas (and coping with this cold weather without money or a home) can be a hard and lonely time for homeless people, and many homeless people have no family to spend their Christmas with. I understand that a small gift of essential items probably isn't going to change a homeless person's circumstance but the thought is there and I am sure it will be appreciated. I believe that small acts of kindness have the potential to turn lives around :) 


Money isn't Everything

Any donation amount will be appreciated. £1 will buy a hat or a pair or thermal socks for a homeless person. And remember that money isn't everything! If you have any ideas for gifts then please do feel free to share with me! If you have any second hand items that are in good condition (perhaps books, gloves etc) then please do donate them - I will give you my address.

Please help me spead the word on my project by clicking the 'I want to help' button above.


Thank you! :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you can help out I am sure the Salvation Army and the homeless people at Devonport House this Christmas will be very grateful! 

My plan is to take all the items and gift boxes to the shelter on Christmas Eve. I was also going to bake some cakes, If anyone wants to get involved with baking or coming to the shelter with me, please just let me know! :)