Kloee's MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience fund!

Women in Science! Help me to become a Neuroscientists so that I can one day help others in return.

Kloee's MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience fund!
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Completion Date: Sat 02 Jun 2018

A short summary of your project

Get females in Science! I need your help to follow my dreams of becoming a Neuroscientist so that I can one day give back to those who need it. Take a chance on this girl!

Who are you?

I am a final year BSc Psychology student at Aberystwyth university currently writing my dissertation on Hemispheric Processing of Emotional Words: Evidence from EEG, where I've been sticking 64 electrodes onto people's heads in order to record their brain waves when exposed to certain emotive words to see how they react.

I suffer from an autoimmune disorder, Coeliac disease, which has caused me to also have anxiety and depression, all of which make it difficult for me to study, let alone work part time on the side too as my health problems often leave me feeling physically unwell and fatigued which in turn leaves my mental health in a bad way. Because of this I will be struggling to fund my masters degree which ultimately could impact the entire future of my career.

Your story

Hey guys, my name is Kloee and I'm due to graduate from Aberystwyth university this summer with a 2:1 in Psychology, with the possibility of achieving a first!

I have loved science from a young age and as I got older that passion fixated on the brain specifically. In college I took AS Sociology and English, A Level Psychology and level 3 extended diploma in health and social care, in which I received triple distinction.

From this I decided to study Psychology at a higher level and have absolutely loved it, but I feel like I need a bit more science in my life! So, I applied to and was accepted on the MSc Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of York commencing this September!!

I am so excited to be learning even more about my favourite thing, the brain, in such brilliant detail and to have the opportunity to use equipment that will help me see them I'm ways I never have done in person before!

However, as previously mentioned, my health problems are unrelenting and often mean I struggle with both physical and mental illness which are all exacerbated by stress which is what happens when I work part time alongside my studies (I know as this is what has happened every time I've tried to in the past).

Because of this it will be very difficult for me to pay my tuition fees, let alone afford the cost of living, and so that's where you wonderfully generous people come in!

I really want to be able to continue my studies so that one day I can become a neuropsychologist working within a hospital environment and helping people who have had traumatic brain injuries or stroke, to recover.

Please help me to learn the skills I need in order to help those in the future who may need my help to get back to who they used to be before disaster struck.

Where will the money go?

  • Every little helps when you're a student so even the smallest of donation will help me on my way!
  • Tuition fees are £7940 for the year.