3D Printer for our Classroom

Empower our students to convert their ideas into reality

3D Printer for our Classroom
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Completion Date: Sun 14 Jan 2018

Key Stats

Number of students that will benefit: upwards of 500

Age of students: 12-17

Eligible for Free School Meals: 15.1%

OUR Project

our school

Holy Rood Roman Catholic High School is a state school situated on the East side of the city of Edinburgh. The school roll is currently 1052 students.  A big proportion of our pupils live in areas falling within SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation) bands 1-5.

What do we want?

As a Design Engineering Technology department with growing numbers of pupils and a rapidly developing industry we are looking to buy a 3D printer and supplies.

Who is this for?

This is for our Secondary 1 - Secondary 6 pupils to use across the curriculum.

Why do we want it?

A 3D printer can be utilised across almost any subject within the school curriculum. It would allow our Design, Engineering and Technology Junior pupils (S1/2) to bring their creativity to life by rapidly producing their computer modelled design for several projects e.g. Cookie cutter redesign. For our Senior pupils (S4-6) not only would it allow them to physically produce their modelling in Graphic Communication but would also allow the pupils studying Design and Manufacture to have a greater understanding of industrial processes and rapid prototyping through hands on practical activities.

Across the curriculum a printer could be used in subjects such as Maths, Geography and Science to allow pupils to engage in a variety of subjects in a hands on practical way.

In all of these areas pupils would be able to have a greater practical experience across the Broad General Levels and would be better  prepared for National Qualifications.


1X Ultimaker 2 Go 3D Printer = £1350

5 x Ice Filaments = £15.13 each


Subtotal: £1395.39

Credit card fees @ 2%: £28.51

Grand total: £1454.16

Help Us reach our target!

Please consider donating to our fund no matter how big or small a donation it will make a huge difference to our pupils, and the experiences that they can have during their time at school. If you can not donate right now we would be grateful if you could help us in other ways by sharing our page through social media (twitter, Facebook etc) as well as keeping us in mind for email, phone calls with anyone who may be able and willing to help our cause, and make a difference to the experience had by pupils at Holy Rood RC High School.