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This project received pledges on Fri 19 Aug 2016

It’s our final week!
We are incredibly grateful for every donation received so far, and are happy to confirm that every penny will go towards making Improv4 happen in schools.
All the funds donated will go towards the project, even if we don't make our target. So every little really does help!
But the more we raise, the more we can do.
The closer we can get to £6,000, the more young people we can work with, in more schools, for a longer time.
So please dig deep, and help us reach as many young people as possible through this fantastic project. Your support makes all the difference!

Improv4 Schools: a year of confidence-building Improvisation workshops to engage, inspire and teach sustainable life skills to some of our hardest-to-reach young people.

What is Improvisation?

def. creating spontaneously or without preparation.

At its simplest, improvisation is making things up in the moment.

Used in drama, improvisation becomes live storytelling, in which the plot, dialogue and characters are created spontaneously through the collaboration of all involved. At every moment, you are authors of your own stories.

It encourages team work, spontaneity, and helps to overcome confidence issues

What are the benefits?

Improvisation inspires values and abilities, including: participation, trust, teamwork, listening, literacy and risk-taking.

By inspiring positive change in these areas for young people, we aim to unlock their potential to become active and engaged learners in their schools.

Who will benefit?

Up to 30 students (aged 11-16) per school will be selected to take part in Improv4. We know these students need extra support due to disruptive behavior, low motivation, attentiveness or engagement in learning.

They are the least likely to engage in after-school clubs, classes or productions, yet can have the most to gain from the arts. Working in school hours will ensure they can access and benefit from this expert provision.

Working over a whole year, we hope to make a lasting impact on their lives and learning, improving their chance of entering full time education or employment when they leave school, increasing their wellbeing, and for many giving them the opportunity to develop a love of the arts for the first time.

Workshops will be run by The Point’s Drama Development Officer, Lucy Fennell alongside a lead teacher – exchanging skills and training between the schools and the local arts venue.

Teachers will benefit from extensive training in how to engage students who struggle academically, through improvisation. Showing young people that they can be successful in this way then translates across the core subjects, helping them to realise their potential.

What will happen?

  • Up to 30 Improvisation Workshops at each school for our students

  • Continuing Professional Development training for our teachers

  • A Celebration Event, hosted by The Point, for all schools and supporters to celebrate their students' achievements

Who are we?

Cantell School, Southampton

We are a secondary comprehensive school in Southampton, dedicated to providing an exceptional learning experience for all students, and supporting them to become mature, self-confident and well-rounded adults.

The four cornerstones of Cantell are:

  • Academic excellence

  • Exciting teaching and learning

  • Life-changing opportunities

  • A richly diverse community

Our school has a high number of students eligible for Free School Meals, and many students join the school with academic scores significantly below the national average. Despite this challenging context, in 2015 Cantell was confirmed the top school in Hampshire for student progress, and amongst the top 5% of schools across the country for ‘Value Added’.

We are passionate about ensuring every student can benefit from the exceptional provision we provide, but every year there are a small number of students who struggle to engage in school life. We are confident that Improv4 will support them to overcome their barriers, and are keen to work with other schools to make sure as many students as possible can benefit from this support.

The Point Theatre, Eastleigh

The Point Theatre’s highly skilled team run year-round activities to teach skills, raise aspirations and inspire the next generation, including: vibrant youth theatres with over 200 members, documentary film-making with young people for the Police Crime Commission, and continuous training opportunities for students, teachers and emerging artists.

The Point is committed to providing innovative arts experiences that improve the lives of young people. They are a cultural resource for the community, and work closely with young people to combat decreasing arts provision in schools.

What is the potential impact for students, schools and the wider community?

Having observed trial workshops, the Pupil Premium Champion at Cantell is confident Improv4 can improve the attendance and confidence of younger students who are currently struggling to engage in school. Done at an early stage, there is the potential for massive gains in progress and attainment.

There is strong evidence that if we can get the hardest to reach students to engage with school life, then they will do well. Of the students who attend 97% of the time or more at Cantell, 72% go on to achieve 5 A*-C grades at GCSE – which greatly improves their life chances, and lowers the number of young people not in full time education or employment in our local community.

Yet, schools now face new challenges due to the Government cuts to Deprivation funding, resulting in a loss of funding for their most disadvantaged students. This means that many schools can only offer their students access to Improv4 if we can raise the funds together as a community.

If Improv4 is successful in showing its value and outcomes for the students, staff and schools, we can encourage more schools in our community, and across Hampshire, to engage in this innovative programme, promoting the wellbeing of disadvantaged young people.

We are excited by this opportunity to work together to raise achievement and aspirations across our local communities.

Where will the money go?        

                         The total cost of running Improv4 for one year per school is £5,000.

                                    That equals £5 per hour, per child involved in Improv4.

This provides:

  • Expert improvisation workshop leaders for one year

  • Staff training for teachers in improvisation techniques

  • Independent evaluation by an education consultant

  • Venue for the celebration event at the end of the year for all students and teachers involved

With the support of Eastleigh Borough Council, The Point is able to cover £3,000 of this cost, paying for the time of Drama Development Officer, Lucy Fennell, to organise and run Improv4, and The Point's theatre as a venue for the final celebration. 

With your support, we can raise the remaining £2,000 needed per school, which will help to pay for: an independent evaluation of Improv4 (crucial to show the real difference Improv4 makes to young people’s lives) and teacher training workshops so they can continue to use Improvisation to engage students.

If we raise more than £6,000, we can hire an additional workshop leader to support Lucy to deliver workshops in more than 3 schools.   

                                        The more we can raise, the more we can do!

                            With £6,000 – we can run Improv4 in 3 local schools for 1 year.

That’s 300 people, giving £20 each!

With £12,000 – we can run Improv4 in 5 local schools for 1 year.

That’s 600 people, giving £20 each!

Improv4 offers good value for money because it also provides training for teachers, so that we can develop as a school and continue to see an impact for students not directly involved in the project. If successful, we hope to continue to offer Improv4 to our disengaged students in years to come.

How can you help us make Improv4 a reality?

  • Please donate! Anything you can donate  however big or small – will go towards running Improv4 with as many children in as many schools as we can.

  • Spread the word! If you think it's a great idea, please help us share the news with as many people as possible, via email, social media or just by talking to them about it!

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Cantell School
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The Point
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11 months ago

Thank you everyone for donating!

We are so pleased to say that, thanks to you, we have raised £2,970 to enable Improv4 Schools to go ahead in September.

We will be working with disadvantaged students at Cantell School for a whole year, building their confidence, creative and social skills through improvisation.

We know that children from disadvantaged backgrounds are far less likely to get good GCSE results (Department for Education). It is the ambition of Cantell School to completely eradicate this gap and for disadvantaged students to achieve and be as successful as their non-disadvantaged peers.

At The Point, we are committed to providing high quality arts experiences that improve the lives of people in our community. With projects like Improv4 Schools we can ensure disadvantaged young people in schools can continue to access and benefit from the arts.

We are really excited about the possibilities for this project to improve the confidence and attainment of disadvantaged pupils across the board:

  • By working in schools hours, we can working with students who wouldn't be able to attend an after-school club or youth theatre.
  • By working over a whole year, we can make a lasting impact on their lives.

We are also pleased to say that we are considering an Improv4 project in primary schools too - watch this space!

In the meantime, we can't thank you enough for your support and belief in the project. Without you this would not have been possible. 

We will be in touch soon with rewards - social media high-fives, thank you videos, photographs, postcards and the Hall of Fame!

In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying this meltingly hot sunshine as much as we are, and will leave you with a taste of what's to come:

"better than you could have imagined"
- Kathryn Cox, Pupil Premium Champion, Cantell School

11 months, 1 week ago

3 days to go for Improv4 Schools!


“no matter what you say it can start a

conversation with the other person”

Student, Cantell School

We're so close to the finish line!


We'd like to thank everyone for their generous gifts so far, and are happy to confirm that (contrary to email notifications!) every penny will go towards making Improv4 happen in schools:

Unlike Kickstarter, all funds donated will go towards the project,
even if we don't make our target. So every little really does help!

Improvisation builds confidence, spontaneity and team skills in young people, and we can't wait to get started!

Working over a whole year, we hope to make a truly lasting impact on their lives and learning.

But the more we raise, the more we can do. The closer we can get to £6,000, the more young people we can work with, in more schools, for a longer time.

Your support makes all the difference.

So with 3 days to go, could you help us get the message out to as many people as possible to support Improv4?

Share this link everywhere you can:

– by email, Facebook, Twitter(#Improv4), Instagram
Whatever works for you!


"you don't know what's going to happen next

- which makes it more exciting”

Student, Cantell School

11 months, 2 weeks ago

10 days to go! 

The clock is ticking, and today we thought we'd share with you some feedback from the students at Cantell School, who took time after taster workshops to tell us their thoughts:

“it's a lot of fun, because you don't have to follow a script”

“you don't know what's going to happen next - which makes it more exciting”

“for Improv you make your own story”

“you can use your ideas”

“you can use your imagination”

“no matter what you say it can start a conversation with the other person”

“Very very fun”

“Probably just helps you with life”

We know we can now run the programme in Cantell School. But with your help we can reach even more disadvantaged students across Hampshire, engaging them in Improvisation workshops for a whole year to really make a difference to their education.

With 10 days to go, who could you share #Improv4 with to make a difference?

11 months, 3 weeks ago

40% of the way there with 15 days to go!

We're very grateful to our supporters for getting us so far, and pleased to say that this means #Improv4 can definitely go ahead in Cantell School from September 2016 - thank you!! 

But we could still do more. We are plugging away at getting the message out to our communities to raise awareness and support for Improv4.

If we can make our target of £6,000, we'll be able to run Improv4 in 3 local schools. So remember - sharing is caring!

We promise to retweet anyone sharing our crowdfunding link with the #Improv4. So please, get tweeting and sharing on social media, email and good old word of mouth, so that we can reach more potential supporters - and students in schools!

Thank you for passing it on!

12 months ago

We are delighted to announce that Denplan Community Fund have chosen to sponsor Cantell School to take part in #Improv4 with a generous grant of £1,500!

Denplan, the UK's leading dental payment plan provider, launched the Denplan Community Fund in 2013 to support community initiatives in the areas where Denplan and its staff are based - helping local charities, schools, clubs, societies and hard-working individuals who strive to make a difference in their communities.

Their aim is to give a helping hand to groups and individuals promoting health and wellbeing in the wider Winchester area (reaching all the way to Portsmouth and Southampton) through the environment, sport and the arts, as well as providing vital help to those less able to support themselves.

They have supported everything from Live at Home schemes for older people to school clubs and budding junior sportsmen/women, and we are delighted that they have chosen to support us to work with disadvantaged young people in schools through Improv4.

Could your local business get involved in #Improv too?

Please contact for further details.

12 months ago

We received an extra £500 from 12 new sponsors last week!

That includes a generous donation of £150 from 10 Drama teachers from Europe, who observed a day of lessons at Cantell School and were so impressed, they offered £150 to the school! 

We are chuffed that they've decided to put it towards ‪#‎Improv4‬.

Thank you all for your continued and generous support!

We'd also like to thank our friends at Artswork for sharing the news of #Improv4:

Artswork are a National Youth Arts Development Agency supported by Arts Council England. Their mission is to 'place the arts at the heart of work with, for and by children and young people and to champion, lead and facilitate high quality work led by artists, arts and cultural organisations'.

The Point and The Berry Theatre work closely with Artswork to engage children and young people in creative writing projects, in schools and libraries across Hampshire.

Our Drama Development Team / Superheroes: Read more about our Story Shuffle project here!

If you want to see these people in action, could you help us spread the word by:

Remember every email, retweet and facebook helps us get the message out to more potential supporters, so please do keep active!

If you'd love to help but would like more advice, support or material (an e-flyer for local businesses? A widget for your website?) to promote Improv4 - please contact: and she'll be happy to help!

1 year ago

We are delighted to launch our Improv4 Schools crowdfunding campaign with a £280 donation from:

Every week they nominate two good causes across Hampshire and South West Surrey to receive a one-off donation.

We are proud to have been selected by independent judge, Christine Pollard, to receive £280 towards Improv4 Schools.

You can listen to the announcements here:



And find out more about the fund, and fantastic work The Breeze do here:

And finally, we've got two donations just in from Kathryn Cox, Pupil Premium Champion at Cantell School, and Claire Stone, Fundraising Fellow at The Point Theatre.

We're getting behind Improv4 Schools, and we hope you will too!

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