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Final Major Project - 6 Look Collection

Developing/executing a collection based on family/ female relationships with victorian silhouettes

Final Major Project - 6 Look Collection
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Completion Date: Sun 16 Jan 2022

My project

I am raising money to help in the sourcing of fabrics and production of my final collection. The collection is based on the close relationships between women in families and is set in the fictional world in which these women are victorian ghosts that live by the sea. The collection requires vintage fabrics in order for it to represent the ghostly and antique visual concept.

Who am I?

I am a third year Fashion BA (Hons) student, passionate about historical costuming, especially in the field of horror film.

Many of the visuals in my collection are inspired by a month long solo hike I did during the summer of 2021 around the South West Coast Path of England. It was an intense and gruelling process, but the beauty and inspiration I gained from it was invaluable!

but why?

Historical costume is vital in the way people perceive characters in tv and film. It can unconsciously affect the way you feel about your favourite/ least favourite characters and can inform the whole atmosphere of a production. This is a process I would love to be a part of, and in order to do this I need my portfolio to be 10/10. Hence the focus on perfect fabrics and the effort I will be putting into having a collection and folio that perfectly represents my style and skills.

Where will the money go?

Should I reach my target all of these funds will be used to help the process of designing and finalising my collection. The process is expensive and time consuming, so I will be self funding this entire project with savings and a part time job. Below I have outlined the breakdown of costs.

  • Vintage fabrics - £500
  • New fabrics - £300
  • Mannequin - £150
  • Yarn - £50

I will be making frequent updates on my instagram @iiizzooo