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Completion Date: Mon 16 May 2016

Hi, I’m Jay C and I’m asking for your help in funding my Postgraduate Diploma in Events Management (and the Business of therein). The course is a Level 7 diploma accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is equivalent to the first stage of a Masters. It is provided by Ashdown Academy whom you can find more about at www.eventcourse.com. I am going to undertake the online version of the course as I already have a wealth of work experience behind me, and I passed the assessment with flying colours. This course is really important to me because it helps me formalise my two decades worth of EVENTS experience into an internationally recognised qualification. By backing me you will be enabling me to gain employment at a level that fits my skills and you will help change my life. You may even need me to plan your event in the future!

The funds.

The funds I am trying to raise relate directly to the course costs. My ideal target will cover both the cost of the course and the cost of a new laptop for project working etc., whilst my minimum target covers the cost of the deposit for the course. The course costs £3,000 plus VAT so that’s a total of £3,600, and laptop for projects will cost between £300-£400.  

Why events?

The events industry is worth £25billion a year in the UK alone. Marketing has gone all but digital these days so brands use live events to engage, and interact with, their audience/customers. The wedding industry alone is worth millions, if not billions. Award ceremonies, sporting events, concerts, festivals, major events such as the Olympics, Royal weddings & funerals, classic car shows, exhibitions, multi-venue management for a chain, O2 Arena, Wembley, Millennium Stadium, Microsoft, Apple…. The list goes on and on. In the UK and Worldwide the events industry is a growing industry which is getting brasher and glitzier than ever. From a wedding to new product launch, the client wants the best they can get, and that means there is a huge demand for experienced & skilled event managers. Managers who not just look after the event on the day, but are right in there in the thick of the action from concept, to planning, to purchasing, the lighting, the sound, the decor, and all the people responsible for those areas will have been sourced and managed by the lead event manager. The budget will be managed by them also. Basically, think of a "highly skilled specialist project manager" and you have an idea of what is required to be at the top of the game.

Why should you fund me?

I’ve been in events since I was 8 years old! I started out as a virtuoso on the recorder and was regularly on stage from age 8. I became part of an ensemble and performed in some amazing Town halls and venues until my teenage years. I also spent some time in Am Dram playing principle roles. By the time I went to University, as a mature student at 21, I’d developed a healthy interest in organising events and I organised, or co-organised, many of the Friday night events during term-time. When I left Uni early, I came to Cambridge, where I quickly became involved in the vibrant club & dance scene. For the next 15 years I was involved in club events of varying size, and in varying roles - from DJ to promoter. I retired from the club scene and began to focus my efforts on community volunteering. This led me to community development where I’ve successfully setup Residents Forums, Community Allotment Schemes, and I organised trips & activities for low income families amongst other activities (village fireworks etc). I also spent 3 years on community radio with some of the most popular shows on the schedule. I launched the first daily community radio breakfast show for Cambridge, and during my time there I was instrumental in the station receiving an award - which was presented to me & the station manager Karl at the House of Lords - for Innovation in the Community.
I was also an active fundraiser for the station putting on live music events that showcased local talent and raised money for the station also. Credit crunch Britain forced the closure of the station so I then dabbled in PR whilst growing my reputation as a no nonsense stage manager with tight running shows at small - medium sized venues and in festivals. I then became involved at organisational level with Strawberry Fair. The Fair is the largest one day Free entry creative arts festival in the UK, and it is entirely run by volunteers. It encompasses around ten "areas"- on one site - of music and activities, accompanied by a large market base, and food traders. All in all it attracts around 40,000 people plus on a good weather day, and it takes a large team to organise. In my time with the Fair I have been Head of Publicity helping to generate a feel good vibe, I’ve been an Area Head, and I managed the Cambridge Band Competition for its 30th birthday event (the band comp is the longest running band competition in the UK so I was honoured to head such a milestone year and write some musical acts into history).

[Skip to 11m 41s in the video and watch for 2 minutes please]
Most recently I assisted some local aid groups for refugees as they staged an event at Cambridge’s Guildhall to raise over £10,000, and I will be at various festivals and events throughout the summer.  All in all I have given over a decade in service to the community as a volunteer and I have gained a wealth of events experience in the last 25 or so years. It’s been commented that when I run an event it is low stress as everyone knows where they should be and when. That it’s been a ‘masterclass for them and helped them up their own events game’. And that ‘You can set a clock by JC’s timings’. 

I’m capable of delivering so much more but I am held back by the lack of a qualification. To get to the level I want to be at you absolutely must be experienced, qualified in at least one specialist area, and possess business acumen. I have it all, except a qualification to formalise my experience. And that’s where you can help me. 

By helping me you are enabling the great events of the future I’m will be involved in. By backing me you will bring pleasure to many faces as I deliver for them the best experience their money could buy, and more. You will be making someone's wedding day the wedding of the century. A major sporting tournament could be delivered spectacularly by me. The best festival you've yet to go to could be devised & managed by me - because of YOUR backing.

I am events, events are me!

I am an events person through and through. No matter what else I've done in life I keep coming back to events because it is something I am not just good at, I am naturally great at. There is no other job for me. With the amount of voluntary experience I have under my belt I know I can be applying for those high paid event manager jobs out there right now, and I do, but having no formal qualification means I don’t get past the CV scanning phase. With this Postgraduate Diploma in Events Management attached to my experience I will jump to near the top of the pile for interview. In fact, the job is mine - with the PgDip.

life changing

Your help will be life changing for me. I’ve faced many difficulties in life since childhood. I’ve been homeless, and I’ve battled with depression and anxiety. I've also spent the last 4 years undergoing a variety of procedures on my digestive system. But I’ve come through whatever challenges that life has thrown at me stronger & more determined than ever. And I am chomping at the bit to do this course and change my life forever.

Obstacles to other sources of funding

Crowdfunding is my last resort. I’ve searched and searched for solutions and funding as you can see from my search history, A couple of hundred pages viewed and it all leads to the same conclusions. 'This level of education is not supported', or it 'doesn’t qualify for standard financing'. It’s 'too high a level of study for a student loan'.

As the course is for a Postgraduate Diploma it doesn’t qualify for the new postgraduate loan from the government. And grants from charities either aren’t available or not suitable for this level of study again. 

Just when I see something that might be right, I start reading more into it, and then hit the barrier - "we will not fund"... and postgraduate is in the list. Or it’s not a research masters and so on and so on. 

What can I give you?

A sense of complete satisfaction that you played a small part in changing someones life, giving them a bump up to the level that they should be at in life.

I will give a shout out to every single £20 backer on both my personal facebook profile, and on my twitter account (unless you request anonymity).

I’m kind of stuck as to what to offer as £50 tangible rewards so if you request it, I will provide you with a PDF of my “Top Tips for Managing a Stage or Small - Medium Event”. It’ll be stuff you may already know, some common sense, and some benefit of hindsight experience. And probably a few amusing anecdotes too.

I’ve been very big on social media as it’s developed, from way back in the Myspace days through Facebook in 2007 and so on. I am quite experienced in using social media for voluntary organisations so again, if requested, for £50 I will give you a PDF on my ‘Best Practice for Social Media for Voluntary and not for profit Community Groups”. It will apply to anyone trying to push a project in the community sector, AND to identities/brands trying to get started with social media. Which platform is best for what, how to best use the inbuilt tools of each platform, and so forth. 

If you back me with £500 or more then I am happy to discuss with you how I can help with your event by personally getting involved in the organisation as a consultant, and stage manager possibly. We’ll iron that out if you require it in return for your backing.

Perhaps you have an idea for what I could give back in which case I am happy to update this campaign with good ideas.

Believe in me

I have lots of people who believe in me and my ability to ace this diploma and kick start a massive life change financially. Hopefully you too now believe in me and you are ready to back me. Please share my appeal because every little bit really does help. Thank you for reading, and thanks for your backing.

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Social Media for Community Groups PDF. The benefit of my experience in using different social media channels for worthy campaigns. From a community event to a product, I'll give you my common sense guide to using social media effectively.

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Top Tips for Managing Events PDF. Another common sense approach to managing a stage or small/medium event. Taking my experience of the different issues encountered, and mistakes to avoid, it'll be a humorous insight into keeping a stage running smoothly.

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