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Completion Date: Wed 25 Nov 2015

A short summary of your projects

- I'm raising £9000 to pay my University fees, which will give me the opportunity to keep going with my dreams after 3 years gap getting started again because of the crisis in my country. After a master degree I will have more job opportunities in this beautiful field which is Nutritionism and finally my job will have impact in the world.

Who are you?

- I am Karolina, Nutritionist from the university of Barcelona, trying to keep studying to finally get a job in what I like to do. I've been trying to recover myself after the crisis in spain affected me. Now I'm on the road again, cero debts,I finally could pay the taxes to obtain my undergrad certificate and off course I am ready to study.

Your story

- I've studied a full time course at the university of barcelona to become a nutritionist thanks to my curiosity from being a chef for long time before. I've never been a student before, i meant while studying I've worked also full time. when i finished my studies,  the crisis was very deep, our government in spain, cut off many scholarships and grants and increased the price of the masters and phD. also, our health sistem dropped down and they cut off all specialists jobs included obviously nutritionists, so when I finished my career I could not keep studying neither practice my profession at working.

I got a job as a chef due to my long experience but it only lasted until september, It was a summer contract under the new work reform conditions where the employer were allowed to resign our contracts with out previous advise and even by phone.

The restaurant closed sending home 30 people. All happened by the last week of september 2012 when I also lost my flat, my cat, some friends. I found my self on the street close to my furniture in the rubbish and with a suitcase with summer clothes and only my shoes on.

I moved to ireland, to poland and finally ended up here in london in summer clothes for christmas. I've started again, I got a job, paid my debts, learned two languages, and many things about life, I've suffered, cried but never stopped. Now I'm ok, got new friends, new hobbies, New job and I am ready to go back to fight for my dreams, all I want to do is be able to help people through my field as a nutritionist. and for sure this International public health Msc will open that path to me.

Where will the money go?

- The money will go straight to pay my university fees, I won't even touch it, even if I'll only get the minimum, the aim is for university so every coin will help.

if I'll get extra funds, I will by a bike for transport and not pay the tube anymore, and if I'll still have money left I will check the projects in this web and support them in thanks to it.

I will up date my Video after I'll get the minimum, By the way, that video is my shy side raising funds, I'm not shy at all but It is my first time posting myself on a video on internet.

The cost of my fees is £9000 I'm not asking for more, as I've said in my video, I can manage how to work and study, but this time I'll do it part time both.

once I'll get start studying and set my life again, change my room for a chipper and my job for a part time one, I'll like to show how to live with a part time salary in an expensive city.


To all of those who donate me, I'll offer 25% off in nutritional couch.

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