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Daggling to raise money for DMU Square Mile! Please be generous and donate if you dare!

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Kit's abseil for dmu square mile

Hi, I'm raising money for DMU Square Mile : to help improve the homes of former leprosy patients in India.  The money raised will help to rebuild two houses which risk being flooded by contaminated water during the monsoon season.  Working with a group called The Loving Community, made up of former lepers and with their families who are often ostracized by their community and consequently struggle to find jobs.  Every summer the monsoon causes contaminated water to flood the homes of people in the Loving Community and residents are forced to live in nearby community centres for weeks and weeks.

DMU Square Mile India aims to raise two of those homes above the water level to prevent flooding.  Your donations will mean DMU Architecture students can design the new houses with a special trip planned over Easter for students to help build the new houses.


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