Cambridge Development Initiative’s KompyutHer Project

Provide out-of-school girls with the platform they need to enrich their futures

Cambridge Development Initiative’s KompyutHer Project
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This project received pledges on Fri 22 Jun 2018

We are raising £2,740 to fund the Cambridge Development Initiative’s (CDI) KompyutHer training programme, which improves the computer skills, confidence, and future employability of out-of-school girls in Tanzania.

What is KompyutHer?

KompyutHer ensures that the benefits of technology reach all of society’s members by cultivating the next generation of female tech leaders in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Launched by the CDI Education team in 2017, this training programme improves the computer skills, confidence, and future employability of out-of-school girls.

During last year’s pilot in the city’s Temeke district, our Education team trained 18 girls to use different components of a computer, such as the mouse and the keyboard and set up Google email accounts. We also provided professional guidance on careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field. Surveys and tests conducted pre- and post-workshop indicated that it increased participants’ computer knowledge while prompting them to incorporate their newfound skills into future life plans.

During this year’s summer session, we plan to expand and enhance our KompyutHer programme to intensify participants’ long-term learning. In collaboration with our local partner KITE Dar es Salaam, Tanzanian and University of Cambridge students will lead this six-week training series. Beginning with the basics, this programme will teach participants to navigate computer basics such as using a mouse and become competent in a range of computer applications including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Participants will also learn to conduct searches on the internet, set up email accounts and correspond using email and other communication platforms. Additionally, by KompyutHer’s completion, participants will have acquired practical skills such as writing CVs and cover letters. They will also receive useful certificates to show their accomplishments and help them to procure employment.

We believe that KompyutHer’s expansion will enlarge out-of-school girls’ opportunities to attain meaningful, productive employment while increasing their sense of self-worth.

Why is kompyuther so important?

Tanzanian women and girls face extreme academic and professional challenges. Infrastructural, economic, and healthcare conditions such as pregnancy result in higher drop-out rates for female secondary school students than their male counterparts. Since 900,000 young adults vie for fewer than 60,000 new jobs each year, the extremely competitive Tanzanian job market compounds the obstacles that out-of-school girls and women face. Nevertheless, computer-focused jobs are projected to offer new employment opportunities throughout the continent of Africa. KompyutHer enables out-of-school girls and women to capitalize on this potential in Tanzania by equipping them with the skills that they need to excel in the burgeoning technological landscape.

What is CDI?

CDI is a nonprofit organization that improves the wellbeing of Tanzanians in the schools, informal settlements, and wider communities. CDI empowers student leaders in the United Kingdom and Tanzania to catalyze change in their societies through innovative projects in the areas of healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH). In collaboration with KITE Dar es Salaam, our partner organization based in Tanzania, CDI’s executive committees and university students design, implement, and evaluate these projects. Since 2013, CDI has mobilized over 100 student volunteers to launch sustainable, community-oriented solutions to Dar es Salaam’s most significant challenges.

The CDI Education project improves Tanzania’s education system by empowering students to become agents of positive change in their communities. In addition to KompyutHer, the Education project implements the Career Network Support and Think Big Challenge programs, which develop students’ professional capacity and enable them to create solutions to academic challenges. Having engaged over 1,000 students in 9 different schools, the Education project enhances participants’ current learning outcomes while promoting future professional success.

HOW CAN YOU SUPport Kompyuther?

We aim to raise £2,740 to implement KompyutHer. All of your support will go directly to project costs by funding materials, covering participants' transportation and stipends, and renting our venue.

For £2,040, we will cover basic project costs for our 18 participants, including:

  • Participant transportation: £180
  • Participant lunches: £54
  • Materials printing: £22
  • Facilitator transportation (for 9 Cambridge and 10 Tanzanian volunteers*): £309
  • Venue rental: £200
  • Tanzanian facilitator stipends (for 10 Tanzanian volunteers): £1,275

By reaching £2,740, we will not only be able to execute our current KompyutHer iteration but prepare to scale this model for the summer of 2019. These extra costs will cover publicity through Tanzanian media sources (£200), operational costs for our Tanzanian team to undertake year-round research for improving our program (£250), and on-the-ground accommodations and transportation for our Education Project Director to conduct a January follow-up trip (£250). This support will ensure that we build on this year's success to reach more of Tanzania's most vulnerable community.

*Our volunteer roles are divided between student-teachers who will lead the KompyutHer classes and coordinators who will communicate with our various partners to recruit our participants, organize the sessions, and provide additional logistical support.

To show our appreciation...

CDI values your support in changing the lives of Tanzanian girls and women. We would like to show our appreciation by offering you personal thank-yous from our volunteer and participants.

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