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Pharmacy Ball
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Completion Date: Fri 28 Feb 2020

Our project

We are raising money to support our end of year pharmacy ball where students and lecturers celebrate! 

Who we are

We are Kingston University Pharmacy Student Association (KUPSA), a committee of 22 students that all work to support all levels of Pharmacy students academically, social and professionally. The academic team supports students in exams by preparing mock exams, and students with more experience help newer members. Our events team organises social events, including our December Dinner, bowling, first aid seminars, guest speakers to strengthen pharmacy students' skills and to create a community among all years through our shared experiences. Our pharmacy ball team organises the biggest event of the year that all students can't wait for. Students and lecturers celebrate all together, have a nice meal, and talented students across the years sing or play music for their cohort. 

our story

KUPSA has been the pharmacy students association for more than five years. We have twice recieved awards as the biggest and best society of the year! Our committee members have also been receiving the most awards for their excellence in their roles. In being part of the KUPSA students develop many transferable skills, from organising events to marketing and communications skills.

Where will the money go

This year the pharmacy ball will be held at Richmond Hill Hotel. 

We are seeking to raise funds to help support the costs of the DJ, the food and decoration for this event and keep ticket prices as low as possible so all students are able to attend. We will be selling tickets and if we have any surplus from the ticket sales, we will be direct this to "Bridge Of Hope", a charity that supports and helps educate children in various countries of Africa.


We have been twice awarded as the biggest and best society of Kingston University!

Find us here

Instagram : Kupsa_gram 

Facebook : KUPSA