Guys & Dolls

Liverpool University Student Theatre is putting on a production of Guys & Dolls

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This project received pledges on Sat 10 Dec 2016

L.U.S.T... Who are we?

What's playing at the Stanley.... I'll tell you what's playing at the Stanley (musical theatre jokes.... oh dear). We are a self funding student theatre society at The University of Liverpool. We aim to put on 3 musicals a year, and we're starting with Guys & Dolls. Being self funded, we rely on kind hearted people to donate to the society to ensure it can survive (musical rights are not cheap you know). By donating you are helping to get more young adults involved in musical theatre in the future. I've never been in love before... but if you donate I'll know (that's the last bad joke, promise). Thank you in advance for your donation :)



A mention in the programme


A mention in the programme and a signed poster from the cast


All of the above, plus 2 reserved tickets to see the show.

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Meanwhile here are some rehearsal photos